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How to Thrive Despite Adversity

Parshat Chayei-Sarah

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How to Thrive Despite Adversity: Parshat Chayei-Sarah

Do we justify our failings by laying the blame on our circumstances? Our matriarch, Rivka, teaches how to thrive despite adversity.
Rebecca, Chayei Sarah

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Uri Yitzchak Orlando, l November 5, 2017

Thank you so much for your beautiful, timeless and enlightening messages! Reply

Joginder Rajpal Finland November 11, 2017

About Rebecca's life I always enjoy your short teachings full of inspiration, encouragement and guidance. God bless you. Reply

Edna Winter Brazil November 9, 2017

Thanks!!!!! Reply

Anonymous Switzerland November 9, 2017

it is true, and yet: how to practice Integrity/Wholeness/Holiness [which requires Energies] and at the same Time [this requires even more Energy] withstand Oppression, Pressing, Gang Stalking [nowadays carried on by electronic Weapons as well], Bossing/Mobbing, Hazing and Bullying altogether, not to mention Persecution, Torture and more, practiced by, let's say, G-dless human or inhuman Beings? Happiness and Good inside-plus-Happiness and Strength outside to everyone and, may the radiant Light vivify-guide everyone. Reply

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