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Burying the Dead

Practical Parshah—Chayei Sarah

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Burying the Dead: Practical Parshah—Chayei Sarah

Abraham’s response to the loss of his wife, Sarah, teaches us how to properly honor those who have passed on.
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Shiva, Parshah, Eulogy; Obituary, Burial, Chayei Sarah

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Gideon Israel November 10, 2014

Cool Cool Talk Reply

Russell kaleolani Shenn Norcross, GA November 16, 2011

Chayei Sarah I purpose a different understanding of the title
or the parshah. It is commanded that we should do honor to our parents and is not Hashem considered our parent? Indeed he is
our parent most wise and righteous.
So, the point of entitling this parsha Chayei Sarah translated as the life of Sarah actually
refers to her life as honoring her beloved parent Hashem. All of what transpired prior to
Sarahs' death beginning with the first words of
Genesis were embodied life learned lessons
for Sarah and in doing so she did honorably
before Hashem and Abraham her husband.
So, this is a constant in Jewish teaching that
the end of life really defers us back to the beginngs of life prompting us to ask, "did we
do honor to that which preceeded us but yet was part of our life? Did we do honor to those names that preceed us by endearing and understanding their lessons in life? And,
finally did we do so to give honor to Hashem? Reply

Leo Kingston Springs, Tennessee November 5, 2010

Chayei Sarah All the knowledge you share is greatly appreciated and a blessing. G-d bless you. Reply

mary ann Fremont, U.S.A November 2, 2010

burying the dead I thank you for this teaching. You have answered all my questions in the past regarding this topic. Thank you. Practical and true fo me. Reply

Bob Pt. Wash., NY October 27, 2010

Buring the dead Thank you for all the time and effort you spend on your lectures it is a privilege and a mitzvah for us. It is a blessing to learn from you. I am no where near your level of learning however in a beginning Talmud class we learned that if more people want to come to the burial the burial can be held for a day or two in order to give more honor to the the deceased. In your lecture you opposed this. Would you comment on this ? Thank you. Shalom. Reply

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