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Where a Jew Prays

Practical Parshah—Va’eira

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Where a Jew Prays: Practical Parshah—Va’eira

Moses would not pray anywhere within Pharaoh’s capital city, because it was full of idols. Where—besides for a synagogue—can a Jew pray? Where is a Jew forbidden to pray?
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Prayer, Parshah, Va'eira

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Anonymous Connecticut January 15, 2021

Thank you. These are fascinating ideas except that I disagree about your presentation on creation. Maimonides did not seem to think that science and God are in conflict and I don't think the "days" part is meant to be taken literally, especially when you consider Talmud Chaggiga and Rabbenu Bachya's Sefer Ikkarim.

Your mention of demons is striking to me and I wasn't expecting it. Thank you for keeping us on our toes. God bless you, Rabbi. Reply

Anonymous Westlake Village January 8, 2013

clarification of plagues Thank you for your profound knowledge. Reply

Anonymous January 7, 2013

comment on tight restrictions on where and how to pray Noah - and his family - as you mentioned - at the boat with all the animals - no showers and probebly not very pleasent to the nose - so there are situations where one have to do the prayers in surroundings not pleasing to ex the nose...... This is how I think: Soldiers at the battlefield, prisoners, peoples that are kidnapped, peoples fleeing wars, in tents in refuge camps,trapped, kidnapped, percecuted, flooded by Sandy or other circumstances....the poor mans cry is of spescial concern for Gd (Proverbs, Isaiah)and if no shower and no wachingmachines and maybe no water and no mercyfull people around...well, what I want to say is: I hope nobody stops believing or praying if they think or feel that they are not " holy enough". Make Gd your refugeplace if you have no other place to go! And Gd hears prayers and answers them. Like he did for David in the wildernesss. You are His beloved. Reply

rut USA January 6, 2013

Practical Parshah - Va'eira Dear Rabbi Kaplan, for your teaching I can understand that we need to give up idolatry in all forms. Something most of us do not understand we practice in every step in our lives. We worship ourselves in so many ways. Like Pharoh, all our idols will perish and bring us down to the pit. Sometimes we think that we make things happen in our lives. Maybe because we work hard to attain them, or because we are so special as if we were gods ourselves. Beautiful teaching Rabbi. Soo revealing! What I gather in my mind is to surrender everything to our Creator and Redeemer to be able to serve Him. Also, although being a woman, there is not a synagogue near me, therefore I need to make a special area of my own, under a tallit, even if women need not to wear them. But it will keep me undistracted of all the things around my small apartment. In this place, under my Tallit, I will dabben. There is no other place for me. Thank you for your instruction. It was a great revelation. Reply

binh tran union city, usa December 31, 2010

Where a Jew Prays Thank You, Rabbi Kaplan, for great teaching. Reply

ryan gertzbein toronto December 28, 2010

Another great class So glad you could make it on time from NYC!!!! Reply

Each week, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan will delve into that week's Torah reading to bring out a practical lesson for life and explain the Biblical sources for the customs, laws, practices and ethics of our people.
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