This week, in Parshat Va’eira, the Torah describes the first seven of the ten plagues that G‑d inflicts upon the Egyptians. The first two: blood and frogs!

Here’s a question that I’d like to pose: The story of the Exodus has been told and retold a million times over, yet what does it really mean to us? The ancient tale of miracles and plagues is rich and colorful, but does this famous tale carry any personal meaning for me and you in our modern age?

Our lives cannot be more different and distant than those of our ancestors slaving away under Pharaoh’s cruel whip. Yet, remarkably, the Torah commands that in every generation we must see ourselves as if we have gone out of Egypt! What relevance does the story of the Exodus have for me?

I invite you to tune in and discover the deeper message of the Exodus . . .