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Two Challahs for Shabbat

Practical Parshah - Beshalach

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Two Challahs for Shabbat: Practical Parshah - Beshalach

A double portion of manna would fall from heaven on Fridays. We discuss the mitzvah of the “double Shabbos loaves” (lechem mishneh) and other customs of the Shabbat meal.
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Rick Miller La Mesa April 19, 2017

I have learned so much from your classes. My faith is stronger because you have given me a better knowledge of Torah and the mitzvot.
Thank you! Reply

Anonymous israel January 26, 2015

mishjkan thank you for your fascinating lectures

it is written that every one of the YIden contributed to the building of the mishkan. what did the 'taf', the small children bring? Reply

Ann Throckmorton March 7, 2014

Leftover Challah During the next week, I tear chunks of the leftover Challah and toss them out onto my back deck. The birds and squirrels really love them! It is fun to watch the birdies tear off their little bites; the squirrels amaze me with their ability to carry such large pieces back to their trees. When I forget to toss out the portions, I hear loud chirps to remind me! Reply

mn atlanta via January 24, 2013

POSITIVE COMMENT '2 challahs for shabbat' Rabbi Kaplan bs"d, it is very helpful, the last 10 minutes, when you give a, visual demonstration, on, 'how to' make hamotzi , with actual challahs, how to, hold them, etc., for people who learn visually, auditory, with an actual example. please do this in other shiurim. toda raba Reply

Uncle Mendel Brooklyn, NY January 30, 2012

Very Nice Job Again Dearest Rabbi,

Again you give a clear, practical,and inspirational shiur.

Thanks Alot Reply

keren jude jerusalem , israel February 8, 2011

Hi Rabbi Tanibalm.. something like that.. What would you do if you found this lesson and the Rewards were so great.. There Moshiah was place inside something that we have all been waiting for...

I love you.. It would be the building of the Temple in the Holy Land that You were Created. to bring about the 5th Temple the Holy LIght of G-d. to transend the final Jude Chapter. would be the Star of David.

12 Tammuz, 5745 · July 1, 1985
The Call of the Shofar Reply

Gabriela Facciolo Mercedes, Bs.As, Argentina January 25, 2011

Thank You!! Im so thankful to have you as my weekly teacher R. Kaplan. It is not only knowledge what you are imparting us, but an honest love for Torah! Reply

Marsha O'Leary Barrie, Canada January 24, 2011

Manna My question is: did every single person gather more manna than they were told to? Or was there at least one person who was obedient? Or, otherwise, how many people did not do as they were told vs obedient people. Then, was everybody treated the same? Or were some people recognized for their obedience?

If people are predisposed to not obeying the teachings to the letter, but still believe in G-D and observe Shabbot and other holidays and some (or even most) mitvoz, then will they still go to heaven, or is there a place for them different from the observant people?

If Jews make mistakes in obeying the laws, either willfully or by accident, or by not knowing or understanding what is right. is there a chance to gain forgiveness from G-d, or is that a black mark against him, and how many black marks are allowed before he is beyond redemption?

Does G-D honour (or respect or reward) the most observant Jews more than the less observant Jews? Reply

binh tran union city, ca January 18, 2011

Thank You for great teaching every week R. Kaplan Thank You for great teaching every week R. Kaplan Reply

Mr. David Morris January 14, 2011

Double portion A very interesting lesson. Thank you so very much for this eye opening story.

Levels of understanding given that cannot be sourced anywhere else. Reply

ONE January 12, 2011

Please expound:

Exo 16:31 The Israelites called the bread manna. It was white like coriander seed and delicious as wafers made with honey.
Exo 16:32 Moses told the people that the LORD had said, "Store up two quarts of this manna, because I want future generations to see the food I gave you during the time you were in the desert after I rescued you from Egypt."
Exo 16:33 Then Moses told Aaron, "Put some manna in a jar and store it in the place of worship for future generations to see."
Exo 16:34 Aaron followed the LORD's instructions and put the manna in front of the sacred chest for safekeeping. Reply

Each week, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan will delve into that week's Torah reading to bring out a practical lesson for life and explain the Biblical sources for the customs, laws, practices and ethics of our people.
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