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The Mystery of the Manna

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The Mystery of the Manna

Only after a week of eating the manna in the desert did the Jewish people give it a name. Why did they wait that long? In answering this question, this class will explain the deeper connection between manna and the Sabbath, inasmuch that the Jewish people were first introduced to the observance of Shabbat in relation to the way in which they were to partake of the manna. (Likutei Sichos vol. 31)
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Women, Femininity & Feminism, Shabbat, Manna, Beshalach

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MJ June 20, 2018

The depth of this lecture, wow. Reply

Ross Bay Area, CA February 10, 2017

Women I was just explaining to my child about diet and how the best foods would produce the least waste. So your teaching on manna was a revelation.

Then you mentioned feminism. I've found feminists to be contrary to their self-assumed title in every conceivable way. If a woman told me the one thing that could save my life, I would surely die if I listened to her.

You men should listen to me, or at least listen to Solomon. Our predisposition towards women isn't a result of being denied their affections, but rather a result of being granted their affections abundantly. Considering the things women say and do, it's a marvel they can even negotiate the complexities of a spoken language.

Listen boys, just as a toilet is a means to discard your waste, so is a woman only a means to procreate. If you foolishly open yourself to a woman, she will destroy you 1,000 out of 1,000 times. She does not inherently have the capacity or ability to meet you on an emotional level. Open yourself to God alone. Reply

Anonymous January 30, 2015

Divine Awareness, B'H" Good Shabbos, Reply

zeynep January 13, 2014

Observance of Shabbat Why this emphasis on food & family on Shabbat? Do the Jewish people not enjoy good food with family during the weekdays with the quiet awareness that Life is a precious, delightful and mysterious Gift of the One and express their gratitude with their joyous acceptance of it?

Shabbat and indeed all the Scripturally commanded holy-days are days charged with a higher transcendental potential than regular days and thus need to be observed accordingly. I envision Shabbat to be a highly meditative day, meditative in the sense of a heightened awareness, sensitivity and receptivity to the Presence of the One. A day with an incredible potential for each and every Jew to concretely experience the very personal Touch of his/her G-d. A day of truest and deepest communion.A synagogue, some sacred music, some sacred words, but mostly silence in which we lay bare the innermost of our being and offer it to its Owner with the hope that He never leave.

To me Shabbat is total and complete Kabbalah. Reply

Hana Europe January 28, 2021
in response to zeynep:

You didn’t listen well.. of course we do but in Shabat it is on different level, even higher and much more spiritual than normal day.. not because of us and our achievements but because G-d is more revealed and our soul too..
In everything you have many levels Reply

This class analyzes an aspect of the weekly Torah portion or upcoming holiday. While providing a basic understanding of the subject matter, the lesson delves into its deeper and more complex dimensions with emphasis on the spiritual relevance to our daily lives. Inspiration for both the novice and advanced student.
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