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Saturday Night "Melaveh Malka" Meal

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Saturday Night "Melaveh Malka" Meal

Saturday night, after Shabbat ends, we eat a special meal called "Melave Malka" (lit. "bidding farewell to the Queen.") What are the sources in Scripture and Talmud for this custom? What are its deeper meanings?
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Isaac Calgary October 24, 2018

If you never experienced the Melaveh Malkah once in your life, you have been denied the beauty of Shabbat. B"H, this is the special meal that we all should all enjoy in our kehilla. Reply

Edwin Pope Australia December 11, 2016

The Melaveh Malkah Thank you once again for your enlightenment on Shabbat meals. I also can see the importance of that meal relating to the blessing of the Manna in the desert. The Manna had to be consumed before morning for it would have become corrupted thus the dishonor the blessing and offending G-d. So too, another reason that that meal after Shabbat in the evening of Chabbis (sorry if the spelling is wrong)for it too, if not eaten, would have become corrupted. In this the additional soul would remain as the link for the transition from the Shabbis relationship of the creation and the Creator, for us to smoothly descend from the eternal to the earthly. How much we would need the aroma of the herbs to revive our saddened soul. Am I right in what I have written? I am still learning. Edwin Pope Reply

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