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When Do You Have to Fight?

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When Do You Have to Fight?

It’s best to walk away from a fight. Except when the enemy threatens one’s holiest possession. (Parsha Perks | Beshalach | with Dr Michael Chighel)
Splitting of the Sea, Amalek, Battle with, War, Beshalach

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Eleanor Skibo Pennsylvania, USA February 9, 2020

I don’t want or like to fight, since it’s upsetting to all parties and sometimes does more damage to the relationships instead of bringing about any type of good or resolutions. However, I’m the type of person, who minds her own affairs, doesn’t enjoy gossiping and usually has very little time for small chit chat. But if someone or more than one person steps over my boundary line then
I’m in the ring; I’m not with boxing gloves, but I’m with a whole list of facts and truths why they shouldn’t stepped over the line. I usually try to give them a kind warning, if there’s such a thing, first, then if they pursue I’m going in to prove my point. Especially when the involvement concerns my self, my family, my home, any thing of real importance to me. Some people just don’t know how, when, or where, or even why they should stop. And if you allow them to take a inch they’ll probably begin to take feet. My motto is it’s always best to walk away, but there’re times when you just can’t. Reply

Natalie Meyerhoff California February 6, 2020

Great videos This is phenomenal, thank you for these great videos. They are both very informative and entertaining. Great acting, great actors and actresses. Thank you for doing this. Baruch Hashem. Reply

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