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Problems You Can't Control

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Problems You Can't Control

When you face a difficult situation you can’t control, how do you respond? The Jews dilemma at the Red Sea offers direction.
Splitting of the Sea, Beshalach

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Jerry Cohen Coachella Valley January 28, 2021

Concise, yet instructive. Thank you. Reply

Jermane Enoch Georgia February 18, 2020

I love this video! Keep moving forward! Reply

Mendel milecki May 2, 2019

That's my father Reply

Shifrah miami March 4, 2015

Ya know sometimes i listen to long, involved and yes sometimes convoluted shiurim on the site.....but i find your short, precise videos get me right in the lev! you take the power points and shoot them like an arrow and therefore they are very effective and inspiring. Keep it up. (Continued hatzlocha) and a freilichen Purim!! Reply

Shirrah Bat Leah Las Vegas, NV February 2, 2015

To life, to life, to life Reply

happyminyan Israel January 31, 2015

Standing ovation! Bravo. First someone had to walk into the sea until this nose. THEN the sea parted and the walls of water on the right and the left, that which could have drowned them, were their fortification, their 'magen." Reply

Anonymous toronto January 31, 2015

debates Jewish debates are endless. But debates do not give results. Think over the problem and act in a decisive way knowing that what the people decide will affect generations in to the future. This should not be the generation that voted to stay in Egypt and did not stand on the shoulders of Torah giants. Reply

Anonymous January 30, 2015

Why is it that you always have the right answer??!! Reply

Mariab Pasadena, Ca, USA February 2, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Could be because they were chosen by G-d. I believe that it is good reason, didn't you? Reply

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