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Rapping the Sea

Beshalach Parshah Report

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Rapping the Sea: Beshalach Parshah Report

In honor of the miracles that G-d performed when taking the Jews out of Egypt, Jono and G-fish sing a song of praise, using the timeless Jewish folk tradition of Rap Music

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Anonymous Hollywood Fl January 15, 2019

I just discovered this info on these sights . Wow , knowledge is where it’s at ; knowledge is bliss . There has to be a way to spread this to Jewish people EVERYWHERE!! Let’s brain 🧠 storm ⛈ and do it !! Any ideas 💡 to get the knowledge to all of us who need it before it’s too late ( like yrs. latter or after death 💀 beli Ayin horah) THANK yOU 🙏 Reply

shimon ********** June 3, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

as goldstein would say: ha! Reply

DOBA R ANDRUSIER Brooklyn January 6, 2019

vere cool Reply

luba annapolis March 19, 2017

love it Reply

Leah Salvador February 14, 2017

ha ha Ha ha very wild!!!and............ Reply

Rey The Resistance February 11, 2017

yo Yo, dude, this totally rocks, man! But I'm wonderin' why nobody puts no comments up anymore, dude! Reply

None July 19, 2016

Funny Jono, you are totally Funny! Reply

Anonymous Pittsburgh June 19, 2016

no beat boxing? Reply

Anonymous Monsey, NY February 25, 2016

Cute! Very nice. Reply

Anonymous awesome thanks again August 8, 2015

rapping the sea Step by Caleb and I have been using the diamond Reply

Anonymous lego January 10, 2013

hey critics ever heard of all tadin es chaverecha ad shetagia vim komo transalation dont judge your freind until you get to his place besides they probably worked very hard to make this and its a great way of kiruv (hi avremi) Reply

Anonymous utica ny December 22, 2012

My main man Moses gonna split the sea foo! HILARIOUS!!!!! i love itche kadoozy, its one of my favorite things to do on this website! and i mean come on! whats with all those bad comments, these people work very hard on making these videos and alot of people are saying - BORING, its insane, itche kadoozy is waseome, keep up the good work! Reply

Anonymous Los angles , CA June 16, 2012

FUNNY this is so funny XD I really love this. Reply

Eliana Ross Summerfield, Florida June 21, 2011

Cool! this is very cool, thank you guys for doing this. It is such a fun way for kids to enjoy the Torah Portion, it is also very informative...........this video was great!
Shalom Reply

Anonymous Merion Station June 1, 2011

LOL!!! I LOVE THIS!!! GO G-FISH!!! :) Reply

Anonymous ny, ny,usa via April 6, 2011

lets go mets lets go mets Reply

a Twelve year old girl Clermont, FL March 7, 2011

The wasomness keeps comin! I keep watchin this again and again, FANTASTIC! Reply

Anonymous ORANGE, CA February 9, 2011

HAHAHAHA hahaha this was funny, and it doesn't say ANY bad words he said FOO. lol the try a sombero! Reply

dovi chicago, IL January 12, 2011

funny! That was hysterical! And what was with the sombrero? Reply

Avrahami Stein stony brook, new york January 11, 2011

unfair its cruel to say bad things am sure they worked hard on it Reply

A twelve year old girl Clermont, FL December 15, 2010

I just can't belive it! Well two things:

1) I can't belive how Amazingly talented some people in this world are.

2) I can't belive some people have such harsh comments. People work hard in making this movie magic, and everyone needs to appreciate that. I mean im twelve and reilize this! Forget all those negative comments: YOU GUYS ARE WASOME! Reply

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