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We’ve Got a Grape Show!

Shelach Parshah Report

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We’ve Got a Grape Show!: Shelach Parshah Report

When Moses sent spies to scout the land of Israel, they saw giant grapes, got scared, and ran away. In this edition of the Week in Rejew, Jono interviews one of them (one of the giant grapes, that is).

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avrohom usa June 16, 2020

do you think jono understood the grrapes language :) Reply

Anonymous Hashem's beautiful world May 22, 2020

Okay, this is hilarious. Who would have thought to interview a grape? Reply

Funny Earth June 7, 2018

Add a comment...Such good humour Reply

Anonymous February 7, 2016

Why isn't the grape answering? Reply

Dvorah Lakeville, PA May 31, 2013

The silent grape is a wonderful way to teach children that their fears and concerns are in their own minds. The grape is a grape. It does what a grape does, what HaShem intended it to do. It is for us to remember that we are here to do what HaShem intends for us, to fulfill our purpose and leave the rest up to HaShem. The rabbi in the sky, who can see with the perspective of distance, gives the teaching in simple terms. Bravo to all who made this great little video! Reply

chava hendon, britain December 3, 2011

the movie it is ever so funny Reply

Anonymous Roanoke, VA June 5, 2010

... ROFL!!!!!! Reply

Grade 2-3 Ottawa ottawa, canada June 19, 2009

thank you Each week my students are rewarded for listening to the parsha so well.... and we sit together and watch your show thank yo very much for giving us this opportunity to just sit and relax and laugh lets not forge learning too...
Thank you from the Grade 2-3 Class in Ottawa Canada Reply

Anonymous Bogota, Colombia June 18, 2009


Anonymous June 18, 2009

AMAZING im 16 and i thought it was amazing!
havent had such a laugh in ages
nice work! Reply

shaina melbourne, vic March 26, 2009

funny this was helarious!!!!! Reply

Anonymous Tolleson, AZ October 10, 2006

Funny it's Funny Cuz Jono is talking To a giant grape!!! Reply

Betzalel August 27, 2006

When my brother saw this he decided to start talking to grapes!

I am ****Amy Lexington, SC July 22, 2006

FUNNY Wy is Jono talking to a grape? When "he knows" that a grape cannot talk. I don't understand what or why he is talking to a grape instead of a Human with a grape mask on. But yall try to make yalls show funny, but I can get over it!!! Why were they scared of a giant grape? I wouldn't be scared cause I can eat it!!! I like this show and I am thankful IKS has it on air!!! So I shouldn't be complaining about it, but I have more comments to say!!! Thanks IKS for yall having to be on air!! I love IKS!! Reply

Mendy Labkovski July 7, 2006

we do not haer the grape speking!!! Reply

Mikee Holyoke, MA June 23, 2006

I love the Itche Kedoozelberg show!!!!! I wish it was longer!!!!!! Reply

Bassie and Dina Klein Chicago, IL June 21, 2006

Ridiculous I like when Jono was talking to the grape. I'm not even 5 yet but I know fruit can't talk or do anything.It was ridiculous for the Jewish people to be scared of giant fruit. We can be holy even when we're walking or packing stuff in a box or putting books in a box or dancing. Cleaning up is holy because I'm listening to my mother and father. Dancing is holy because I'm remembering HaShem gives me my body. (Dina's turn now. ) I'm 3. I like the helicopter. Was Jono scared? The grape was not talking. We love you. Reply

Giant Grape June 21, 2006

I PROTEST It's not fair - you made me look like a complete idiot. I wanted to talk to Jono but he put me on the chair the wrong way round - and I was sitting on my mouth - so I couldn't talk. I had so much to say - so much to get off my chest (if I had a chest). I feel completely misunderstood. I'm not some scarey green blob - I have feelings just like any other grape. I already am seeing my therapist about my size problem. (My mother says it's just baby fat.)

Well that's all for now - but in future remember to put me on the chair the right way round! Reply

Rivka June 20, 2006

Its such a funny video I really enjoyed watching it. Reply

Your #1 Fan Lefferts, NY June 19, 2006

What a Grape Show! This is one of my favourite IKs!
I love the spoofery of banal TV interviews. Your post-production editing is wasome too - especially those paintings of grapes on the mantelpiece!
And all this without comprimising informative Jewish content...
Much appreciation for your innovation and dedication Reply