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Sandy Trails

Bamidbar Parshah Report

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Sandy Trails: Bamidbar Parshah Report

Itche and Jono ride through the desert on goats. Why? Watch the video and find out . . .
Torah, Eternality of, Desert; Wilderness, Bamidbar

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Miguel Mafla Bloomington May 15, 2021

This was very touching for me in a beautiful way. Thank you. Reply

Eli Melbourne June 19, 2014

This is so funny and I think I have learnt a lot Reply

IK via December 22, 2013

They did! Thanks for caring :) Reply

Chasidishe Chasid Brooklyn NY December 21, 2013

are they ok? Did they make it home?

ivy Sherman Oaks May 8, 2020
in response to Chasidishe Chasid:

it was just an effect they were at the studio the whole time Reply

Nechama and kids Melbourne, Aus July 7, 2012

Directed by.... a inside connnection Wow! It took me a few reruns to realize that this video was directed from the doughnut eating champion in the Chanukah mini-series! I'm impressed. How did you convince him to leav e his oughnuts long enough to tell Jono and Rabbi what t say and where?
How did you pay him? With jelly broth filled doughnuts? Reply

Anonymous Pembroke Pines, USA via May 20, 2009

Articulation and clarity Adorable cartoon! My kids loved it. However, I had a difficult time understanding the dialogue, particularly with the rabbi. For me, it had more to do with articulation and the tone of the voice. Reply

Chani Benjaminson, May 20, 2009

Captions We do plan on adding captions in the future, it will take some time though as it's a costly and complicated project, I am sorry! Reply

Elizabeth Hunt Houston, USA May 19, 2009

Closed Captioning It looks very cute. I wish I could understand what they are saying. Would it be possible to add closed captioning or the text version for those of us who are hard of hearing? Shalom. Reply

Menachem Kovacs Baltimore, Md via May 17, 2009

can the canned laughter pls it takes away from the great program you have Reply

?guy ? February 26, 2009

Goat's name Hey jono, what was the goat's name? Reply

Chani NY, NY March 19, 2007

hilarious i loved these past few week's shows. It just gets funnier and funniers each week! I love how it teaches the parsha in an entertaining way! Reply

Racheli June 11, 2006

Clouds? There are no clouds in the desert! Reply

Goldbloomfamily Chicago, IL June 6, 2006

You had the whole family laughing. Excellent show! Reply

Anonymous May 25, 2006

Not bad. The beginning was the funniest. Reply

Dov W.H. , NY May 24, 2006

First rate I didn't think there was room for growth.

You guys sure outdid yourselves this week!! Reply

Rutika Crown Heights, NY May 21, 2006

Bamidbar - Itchy Kkadoozi Creative and borderline genius script. Thoroughly enjoyed. Reply

Anonymous S. Paul, MN May 21, 2006

fantabulous! :) Reply

Bob May 21, 2006

Awesome! Absolutely amazing! It's nice to see a new setting. Reply

D. Allen Akron, OH May 21, 2006

Great! That was a great one! I loved how you changed the background better than the news station all the time. It was nice seeing something different. Reply

Joe May 21, 2006

New Blood There seems to be some new blood in the show... I saw some new names in the intro and the end (written by)...

Great Show! Reply

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