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Shoftim Parshah Report

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Non-For-Prophet: Shoftim Parshah Report

G-fish tries to cheat at board games by pretending to be a prophet (double gulp!)

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jordan creech anonymous May 10, 2023

my son hates these but the puppet ones he loves Reply

Yuji brah December 20, 2022

G- fish "I have visions of the almighty!" Reply

shlomo matusof Madison July 15, 2021

(G-Fish) "GULP".........
(G-Fish) "DOUBLE GULP"...... Reply

lusd minhg farm August 21, 2020

this is the best one! Reply

moo moo man farm August 21, 2020

moo! this is the best one! Reply

Miguel Mafla Bloomington July 18, 2020

I have to agree with the other comments on this video: IT'S HILARIOUS, AND ONE OF THE BEST ONES YET!!

THANKS!! Reply

Shlomo New York May 10, 2020

The punishment is stoning Reply

Tzvi July 16, 2021
in response to Shlomo:

Isn't that throwing someone off a Rocky Mountain and if that persons still alive they throw rocks and stones at him until he dies? Reply

Mendel Banon casablanca morocco December 11, 2018

My Friends And I Love Itche Kadouzy And We Are Waiting For New Videos Reply

Naftali Strucks minnesota November 23, 2018

this is my favorite parsha report Reply

Human Milky Way June 14, 2017

Funny Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY April 28, 2016

Nice show :-) So cute! It's funny when the Rabbi doesn't believe G-fish and then Jono swims past the Rabbi. I love this series! There hilarious! Thanks so much! Make more! Reply

Chana G. Monsey, New York April 27, 2016

Nice show : ) So cute!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous March 9, 2016

amazing! Reply

david sokal new york December 7, 2015

the best This is the best/funniest episode. Reply

Tiliana Tiger Cave, Tiger Forest, Tiger City August 10, 2013

Last Part That last part when G-fish flooded the house and called for Rabbi and Rabbi said, " Not this time G-fish." and then Jono swam across the room was SO funny. LOL Reply

Luke Skywalker Hoth August 10, 2013

if jono was swimming where the Rabbi was sitting won't the Rabbi get wet Reply

Tzippy Maryland October 23, 2017
in response to Luke Skywalker:

no, cause he was in a chair, and the water didn't reach him. Probably the chair was high, so, in that case, the water was just brushing his feet. Thats not that likely, so the Rabbi was so concentrated on his learning that he didn't notice. Also, good job chabad doing this video! It was super hilarious, and I want to know the punishment to. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please. :P Reply

Nachman Weinstein August 9, 2020
in response to Tzippy:

the punishment is being stoned to death Reply

Kikira Pittsburgh PA January 21, 2013

SO FUNNY! Pleaseee love it! Reply

ari oirechman tallahassee, fl March 21, 2012

false prophet since it didin't say in the video the punishment for false prophet's is death Reply

Rabbi Rosenfeld melbourne, ausraliat September 1, 2011

Grade 3 yeshiva Melbourne We loved the Pleeeeeze and watched that part three times

The end was hilarious

We were laughing out loud the entire time.

We watch this show every friday for the Parsha with Rabbi Rosenfeld Reply

Naomi Rivka & Gavriel Zev Toronto, Canada September 4, 2008

super! I like Jono. I like the Rabbi. I liked the movie.

(and Mommy says this was one of the funniest - thanks!) Reply

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