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A Chat with Planet Earth

Haazinu Parshah Report

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A Chat with Planet Earth: Haazinu Parshah Report

Rabbi Kadoozy astounds the scientific community with this rare satellite footage of planet earth.
Ha'azinu, Earth, The, Action; Deed

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Anonymous November 19, 2017

funny Reply

Anonymous September 13, 2016

Take this earth! I am an asteroid heading towards this silly planet's way, that blue idiot calling itself earth and bragging about its people, pfff! I am going to hit it hard right in his Antarctic crouch! Reply

Anonymous Mars April 20, 2016

Um...doesn't really make sense at all! Reply

sara Ny,Ny March 20, 2016

i love the message Reply

Anonymous louisville, ky, September 9, 2015

its pretty good! so the earth shakes and he says i just crashed a bunch of skyscrapers. but during the entire video he is moving!! Reply

european May 1, 2014

it not fair! the earth only says the mitzvos that people in the American countries do!

he thinks people in Europe are evil and they don't do any mitzvos?! Reply

anonymous somewhere January 15, 2014

cute i love the part where he says oh then i turned around and it was dinner then i turned back around and it was lunch due to my position to the sun!
very good shows Dovid. ive seen to your office in Pittsburgh a few times (it is in the upstairs of the Shul that my uncle is the rabbi) Reply

Anonymous via old.chabad.org January 16, 2013

yrth the planet earth scares me the puppet i used to have nightmares about it Reply

Anonymous East Peoria, Illinois March 11, 2011

I usually hate the sites the school has us go to, but I LOVE this video. Reply

yehudis is the best brooklyn, usa November 16, 2010

awsome show i love this show! gefilte fish is one of my favorites keep up the good work Reply

scardy cat September 12, 2009


Anonymous September 12, 2009

im sorry but this one is not smart why use puppets??? IM SCARED OF PUPPETS!!!!!! AAAAAAAAH!!!!!! Reply

annonymous earth, earth via chabaduw.com October 1, 2006

earth i love this one!!!!! its so creative and funny!!! keep it up! btw, when mrs kadoozys show comin on it keeps on saying coming soon and she didnt come yet...were all waiting....
great job, love a secret admirer Reply

LeviNew via campganizzy.com September 29, 2006

Keep up the good work educating the world! Reply

joe September 22, 2006

great< areal valuable lesson for our children! Reply

Anonymous San Antonio, TX September 20, 2006

HI What happened to the famous amazing Itche Kadoozy's?????????????? Reply

Anonymous September 19, 2006

thanks for another show Reply