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Staying Awake

Vayeitzei Parshah Report

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Staying Awake: Vayeitzei Parshah Report

Jono tries to beat the world record for the longest time staying awake, and a talking sheep gives him medical advice. Find out why in this week's Parshah Report!
World Records, Sleep, Vayeitzei

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Ashkan Alex Nazarian La November 14, 2023

I would not give up my birth right for anything Reply

Tzvi Lewis August 11, 2021

I thought Jono said that bajillion wasn't a word but bazillion was a word in another video but hear just said the word bajillion instead of bazilion. Reply

Tzvi July 12, 2021

I have a massive headache and my tooth is screaming ha ha!Its so funny when he says his tooth is screaming and also when he says not true watch me practice my clairanet and brings a guitar instead! Reply

Mina June 22, 2021

When you put it on x3 then the doctor sounds like gibberish! Reply

Miri Tepper new york November 19, 2023
in response to Mina:

totally! Reply

Gavi Toronto February 22, 2021

This episode is hilarious Jono trying to beat Yaakov's record for staying awake the longest Good luck! Reply

mendel Hein pittsford, ny February 19, 2021

incorrect! rashi says that yaakov never went to sleep but it dosnt mean that he stayed awake for 20 years. he only fell asleep. Reply

meir taos November 21, 2018

good Reply

Dovid Manchester February 8, 2018

I enjoyed it. It was fun. Reply

Mr. Spock U.S.S Enterprise January 12, 2017

Not logical. Highly illogical. No-one can sleep that long. Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 10, 2016

Good! I like it! It's really funny! Reply

C.P.G Monsey, N.Y April 28, 2016

Nice show :-) This is a great show! But What's wrong with G-fish's voice? It sounds so weird! Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY April 20, 2016

cute! Cute and silly :-) Reply

Anonymous January 26, 2016

I can not stay awake for 17 days. You need to be a magician to do that. Reply


??????????? what happened to G-fishes voice? Reply

kobe bryant toronto October 22, 2020

it's not really g-fish Reply

Eliana Ross Summerfield, FL February 4, 2011

Haha It is funny what the Rabbi does near the end of the video! It looks like he is going crazy.....LOL Reply

Mendel Meretsky State College, PA November 17, 2010

Hilarios (did i spell it right) SOOOOOOOOOOO funny Reply

funnyman funnymanland September 25, 2017
in response to Mendel Meretsky:

Hilarious. and i know right, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! lolz Reply

Anonymous November 11, 2010

"Gil" I sure like Gil. Too bad he doesn't get more time. He's a scene freshener. I hope he shows up again in something. Reply

Anonymous Miami November 20, 2023
in response to Anonymous:

I know right? It's almost like he's the goat! Reply

liora cadranel August 18, 2007

parsha Shoftim i really enjoy all the clips but this one was one of my favourites the way gefilter fish pretended to be a prophet even though he was not. It really helps you learn the sedra but in a fun way! Thanks a bunch!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous manchester, greater manchester January 4, 2007

very good work keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Estee December 18, 2006

Rubber plastic dukies. Plastic dukkies!!!! A cow president -- that is weird. But my class loves it for parsha. I love it too.

Oh, is that lentel soup recipe real? Cause i dont want to make this big mumble jumble!! ha ha!!! The work that Dovid Taub and Jonathan Goorvich do is great, thanks!

All the clips are so good. Thanks for making all these games, it is so cool.

"The Wrestler" is the best of all the parsha shows. Thanks so much.


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