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Charity Times Eight

Re'eh Parshah Report

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Charity Times Eight: Re'eh Parshah Report

Itche, Jono, and all of their friends act out different ways of giving charity.
Charity, Re'eh

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A January 31, 2023

This is my favorite video of the paraha report Reply

Madame no appletown October 26, 2020

very funny like when Johnno throws coins at beggar Reply

Anonymous Crown heights May 7, 2020

Amazing Reply

Chani K 🌍 August 3, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

Lol! Reply

Anonymous Atlanta August 10, 2018

I love these videos I am giving a davara torah to my family based on this video thank you Reply

shimon +++++++++++ June 3, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

is so fun!! i love!! make more NOW!!! Reply

Random person Home August 12, 2020
in response to shimon:

Yeah!! Reply

cool dude old shed August 14, 2020
in response to Random person:

yep! moo! so funny! moo! Reply

shimon not saying August 6, 2021
in response to cool dude:

thanks for suporting me guys! WE want more, more, more itche kadoozy! Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY March 17, 2016

Why id G-fish so greedy and nasty at the beginning. Anyways, it's very cute. Reply

Yitzi Hein Pittsford February 24, 2019
in response to Chana Goldstein:

because thats the lowest form and they used gfish for that level Reply

Tilinia Tiger Jungle, Tiger City August 3, 2013

Roy's feelings and more Poor Roy! WHY would Jono be so, so... un-sensitive to Roy! I lost my wallet yesterday...... I'll give money soon tho! Reply

Anonymous ohio May 9, 2013

c'mon why don't u show the number 1 acting it out Reply

Victoria McKee Boise, Idaho August 27, 2011

finally! someone gets that letting those of us who are poor EARN our money is better for us than a handout. G-d bless you all at Chabad Reply

H.A. Arnevet Miami, FL USA August 24, 2011

Tzdaka is NOT charity I hate to be a curmudgeon and I know it's a common misconception, but tzdeka IS NOT CHARITY. The word is a variation of RIGHTEOUS, which means that we who are able to help others OWE those people the aid. (Maybe that's why the poor will always be with us, so we can perform this mitzvah - do we need them more than they need us ?) Supporting our fellow - starting as Ramba"m tells us with those close to us and working out - is an obligation, ergo mitzvah (commandment, not "good deed"). But good skit with good information. Kol haKavod and a tip of the kippa to the folks behind it. Reply

Anonymous passaic, usa April 10, 2011

love it all but im getting anxious...when is mrs kadoozys show on the cast going to show!!!! it keeps saying "coming soon"!!! only saying im waitng for it impatiently because i love it!!! i cant wait!!! if you start it though...dont rush on it...i mean we wouldnt want a hurried 5 minute show!!! keep up the good work!!! you are amazing and your talent shows!!! kah! good luck on it....if you read this!! Reply

Keren anne Petaluma, CA January 22, 2011

Words to Live By.

Now if we all could do these things promply and with Love. Reply

Jennifer Toronto August 6, 2010

One of the better ones! We loved this - thanks! Reply

Terry Nairobi, Kenya April 29, 2010

Great This is great... hilarious but very educative. I'll bet my little daughters will learn a lot... Reply

Cid Ocala, FL August 10, 2009

This show is da bomb! Reply

Anonymous Humble, TX August 27, 2008

Awesome! Toda raba(-= Toda raba for making learning so entertaining & fun! Reply

yp February 18, 2008

Roy's feelings Could Jono please be a little more sensitive to Roy's feelings. Reply

Anonymous Rockville, MD August 10, 2007

Great, silly, informational Thanks! Reply

m September 5, 2006

Very funny and educational. The best one yet! Reply

eli brooklyn, new york August 29, 2006

very funy & intresting it very funy the way yu act the 8 levels of tzeddakaa. i learnt the order of the levels from this show
keep up the gr8 work Reply

moshe August 25, 2006

excellent! one of the best. Reply

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