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Is Sibling Rivalry Ever a Healthy Thing?

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Is Sibling Rivalry Ever a Healthy Thing?

Envy is a grievous sin. It’s on the top ten list engraved on Moses’s stone tablets. And yet even envy can assume a form that is healthy and holy. (“Parsha Perks” with Dr Michael Chighel | Veyetze)
Sibling Rivalry, Envy, Vayeitzei

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Yehuda Pinto Montreal December 7, 2019

Sad to know it still exists Reply

Anonymous December 6, 2019

חזק חזק
Gifted with a great sense of humor.

There are many types of Torah scholars; Bezrat Hashem we should be envious of the right ones (for us?). Reply

Pearl Shifer Brooklyn December 5, 2019

very amusing--and righteous Reply

K. Brooks Irish-Italian parish, Toronto December 4, 2019

Rachel, Leah, Jacob and the idea of 'plural marriage'.

It's also possible that Jacob and Rachel needed to learn a different way to be together that involved further education, for example, so that they could produce a "Joseph". A great mystery.

In different ways, we all struggle with elementary bonding issues with our 'tribes' ... thus, i liked your additional of the Italian mafioso character -- good choice!! Reply

Anonymous San Diego,CA December 4, 2019

Sibling Rivalry So from what I understand here, you think that wealthy people are more virtuous?
I don't think this is always true. Reply

Max Glick New York December 4, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Wealth can also mean G-d has given up on your ability to improve and is rewarding you heaven on earth Reply

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