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Do You Know Your Mission?

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Do You Know Your Mission?

If life is a mission, then everything depends on keeping one’s eyes on the objective.
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Miriam Colorado June 14, 2023

And the winner of the best actor award goes to....Rabbi Chighel!! Brilliant! Reply

A Brooklyn June 8, 2022

This is AWESOME! Powerful point! Reply

Anonymous london July 4, 2019

rabbi you are awesome.

and thank you Rebbi for guiding us to realise we have a mission! Reply

Uri Yitzchak Orlando June 28, 2019

Rabbi you have got a lot of talent. Thank you.! Reply

luca toldo Germany June 28, 2019

This is an excellent teaching for any organisation and team. When you get a target, keep the focus on it and do not deviate else the whole mission can go wrong.
Thank you for the refreshing style. Reply

Michael Cohen Brisbane, Australia June 26, 2019

Very well done! Kol Hakavod!
We need more of this please.... Reply

Joel Fine Vacaville June 26, 2019

You are one talented dude. Reply

Hessel Meilech Chicago June 26, 2019

Moses was an Egyptian general and he made the correct decision to spy out the land. Joshua and Caleb went to the highlands of Canaan which was sparsely populated. They made the correct decision to invade.
The other spies went to the low coastal area which was populated by the army of Ramses 2 , not giants.
They made the correct decision with no spears, swords or chariots or F35 they could not invade the land so their correct decision was not to lose lives on a futile mission.
Therefore Moses made the decision not to invade which was correct. Reply

Chana H. June 30, 2019
in response to Hessel Meilech:

That wasn't their mission though, their mission was to find out the best way to attack, not whether to attack. And maybe you should read a bit further into the parsha before you jump to the conclusion that not invading was a good idea. Reply

Hessel Meilech Chicago July 5, 2019
in response to Chana H.:

The people of. Gaza cannot invade Israel. No tanks ,no artillery and no F35 fighter bombers.
That is your answer. Reply

Joel Shoot June 24, 2019

This is an excellent video. Thank you for the hard work and dedication that you put into making this Torah wisdom available to people all over the world. Reply

Yakov June 23, 2019

Excellent! So creative and well done. Keep them coming! Reply

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