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Can Pure Lust Ever Be Truly Pure?

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Can Pure Lust Ever Be Truly Pure?

The sensual aspect of human existence is heavy with potential for impure doings. And yet this same potential holds the secret of the copper laver used by the Kohanim to wash their hands and feet in preparation for their holy services in the Mishkan.
Body, Ki Tisa, Sexuality, Kiyor, Pekudei

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Mrs S March 1, 2022

Very well done video. Informative and entertaining, amazing! Reply

Mariab Pasadena, Ca March 9, 2019

A dificult topic to explain but that difference between the timid "mamma mia" and the assertive scholar made it so accesible and so profound. Grazie. Reply

Anonymous London March 8, 2019

Lust is lust it can never be pure whether is done once or more.We can ask for forgivenes and never do it again.Then only we are forgiven.God is mercyful and he will forgive if we determine to change our self for good for ever.
God bless. Reply

Glen Manning LaPlace March 7, 2019

Wow, Mama Mia! What an awesome and informative video.


Chanrar Pichat March 7, 2019

i love this vdo Reply

Stefano Bomben March 6, 2019

Thank you Rabbi,
this teaching is fundamental for a man. I really like the way you teach: light, fun and deep.
Thank you again! Reply

David Miami March 4, 2019

I read this prayer every day i.e. the Laver and never knew
Thank you Reply

Jacquelyn Contreras Portland March 4, 2019

Ahh Rabbi, we Love you sooo much! Always Hashem smiles, as do we, with you! Keep it coming in these Days! Toda. Reply

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