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Two People Who Tried to Do the Impossible

The Jewish way to define success

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Two People Who Tried to Do the Impossible : The Jewish way to define success

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Bithiah, Pekudei, Effort

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Rachel Leshem מושב גן יאשיה March 4, 2022

Toda Raba, Rabbi,
Words for strenghtening us all.
Seems very important to apply it, also, in the education system.
Chodesh and Shabbath
Shalom u'Mevorach. Reply

ALICIA Madrid March 4, 2022

Some animals get infections in their eyes and lost one eye, because antibiotics medicines are only reserved for powerful people. Efforts some times seem to be wasted, because all around just reward results. However, faith will success and effort have two eyes to see the light. Thanks Ravi. You are so good. Reply

Danica Phoenix, AZ March 11, 2016

Thank you. Blessings on you. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn via March 10, 2016

Sensitive and wise treatment about the relationship between "results" and "effort." This teaching should be viewed and considered by parents driven by fear of their children not getting the academic results they might consider to be so important. Of course, with the Rabbi's stress on doing one's best, one has to ask what that means. In the teaching, it seems that "doing one's best" must be linked to trust in Almighty God. It is He who ratifies our efforts. "Doing one's best" within a context of atheism would be mere behaviorism. Thanks for posting this teaching. Reply

Alicia Madrid March 10, 2016

Rate effort and results Dear Rabi Yacov Barber,

thanks a lot for your inspirational words. It is certainly very true. In sport training it might be easier to realize how much effort a person is doing to improve, but studying, most of the time, is done on one own, and improving thoughts and ideas is not easy to measure. Exams are not always well designed. Good day. Reply

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