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Do You Confess…?


Do You Confess…?

Confession, as of contrition and repentance, is not always sincere. But even the most insincere confession retains a special power to put one on the right track.
Naso, Confession of Sins

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Pedro Cuvi Santa Cruz June 13, 2019

Thank you for producing this very interesting video with wise advice. Reply

Thomas Karp Branford, ct. June 13, 2019

'The power of the truth of your own words.' Can one feel the power of the truth of their own words, even if one is not sincere when one utters them? The answer to that is:


A truth is always more powerful than an insincerity. How can the insincerities of our hearts ever outrule truths stated before Our Creator?

Good video. Reply

Samuel Hawaii June 12, 2019

Beautiful message, never heard it before. Reply

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