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When Abstinence Is a Sin

Is spirituality at odds with the physical world?

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When Abstinence Is a Sin: Is spirituality at odds with the physical world?

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Physicality and Spirituality, Nazirite, Abstinence, Naso

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Joseph Dunn May 22, 2018

That's a good explanation on how our outlook should be! Reply

Aleks Yakubson Staten Island May 27, 2018
in response to Joseph Dunn:

it's arrogant and dishonest to speak about other religions' outlook in their representatives' absence. these sort of things should be expounded and compared in competitive but honest and friendly setting. i highly doubt Christians, Muslims, Buddhists etc would agree with the claim that they see spiritual as in conflict with material Reply

Natanzel June 2, 2020
in response to Aleks Yakubson :

Just letting you know I agree with your sentiment. Reply

Rachel M. USA May 22, 2018

Very lovely teaching. Expressed with simplicity and love. Thank you for sharing and caring. Reply

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