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Raising Moral Children in a Changing World

Why would righteous Noah get intoxicated?

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Anonymous Fresno, Ca. October 31, 2019

Dear Rabbi,
You are giving a mixed message here, first you compare using new Technologymethods to conduct our business in the changing world around us. Then you are asking us to inculcate Biblical Morality in our children, so they can live moral lives.

You mention in the same sermon/Speech about man is doomed by what one see's in life and is bound to play it out in it's life time (Violence etc). How do you account for Sexual behavior, adultry, infidelity that we and our Children see all around us, are we to make these concessions in our moral behavior just because the world around us has seized to follow the Commandment and precepts handed down to us by our G-d and forefathers.

Can you shed some light please Reply

Ukulele Atlanta Holly USA November 10, 2016

Blessings Reply

Gershom Menachem Hong Kong November 6, 2016

ih emes, wow, thanks for the food for thought. Reply

Rick Miller La Mesa November 3, 2016

Rich and simple Dear Rabbi Barber,

Your thoughts and words never fail. To touch my heart and strengthen my love of Torah and our beautiful faith.

Thank you so much, Reply

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