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When Is Conflict Healthy?

Good advice from my sports coach

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When Is Conflict Healthy?: Good advice from my sports coach

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Korah's Mutiny, Debate; Argument, Conflict, Korach

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Micha Sloman Jerusalem June 15, 2018

A wonderful, meaningful and highly relevant Dvar Torah on this week's parsha. Reply

Alicia Madrid July 21, 2017

Pirket Avot: Ethics of Fathers, chapter 1: "Do not scorn any man, and do not discount any thing. For there is no man who has not his hour, and no thing that has not its place". Reply

Alicia Madrid June 16, 2018
in response to Alicia:

This is not right: it is chapter 4, third paragraph... but always truth, although so difficult. Reply

Josef Germany July 12, 2017

Question on shiur A very inspirational lecture.

As I learned Pirkei Avot there was one passage where it says "If there is no man, then stand up and be the man". Not in the same words, but similar.
I think there are two different thinks meant by "man" in what you said and what is meant in Pirkei Avot, but to clarify this I wanted to ask you about your opinion. Reply

Alicia Madrid June 21, 2017

I love that painting behind Dear Yacov Barber !! It seems like a Kandinsky. Also in Art conflict happens. Thanks for this lovely speech. Please, keep going on with your inmensely valuable teachings.

PDT.- Hypothesis goes into Thesis vs Antithesis = Synthesis Reply

Rachael Thangavalu Prague June 21, 2017

Baruch Hashem! That is so true and beautiful!! Thank you Reply

Ursula Ljungqvist Brøndby Strand, Denmark June 21, 2017

What a wonderful lesson; approaching a difficult subject unhesitatingly, humorously and yet in earnest. I shall remember the words about "playing the ball, never the man". Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts of profundity and insight, rabbi! Reply

Alicia Madrid July 8, 2016

Antithesis + synthesis = thesis Dear Rabbi Yacov Barber,

today your speach is a wonderful analysis of the experimental procedure. Moreover, "play the ball, never play the man" is one of the most beautiful sentences I have heard concerning to Ethical aspects of researching in humans. I will always remember it. Shabat Shalom,
Alicia Reply

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