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United... We Fall

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United... We Fall

How Korach, who championed equality, became the symbol of divisiveness. And how the Divine punishments visited upon Korach and his band are the natural consequences of their failed rebellion. (Likutei Sichos vol. 18, Sicha 3)
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Unity; Oneness, Korach

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David Tanner Lexington, SC June 21, 2014

Right on time Absolutely timely and on target! Simply confirmation of what I have been learning.

One interesting insight that would have been the natural outgrowth of this teaching had Rabbi New had the time to develop it is that it takes greater levels of love to move up through the 4 levels of unity. Neighbors who share food over the fence have greater love than neighbors who just keep to themselves and respect each other's borders. Moses had a greater level of love than Korah. He was at a higher level. Korah disqualified himself from taking Moses' and Aaron's jobs because he did not love Israel as much as they did. Reply

Anonymous USA June 11, 2013

United ... We Fall Extremely interesting subject Rabbi New. One to meditate on. Thank you. Consideration, respect, and acceptance of everyone's gift is a gift itself. From the lowest to the highest. If only we could, all human beings, be compassionate of the lowest, unfortunate ones, and be a messenger of peace, as well as love, Mashiach will definitely come sooner. I guess. But like Korach, many only look for self exaltation, although envisioning the future redemption, still, they cannot respect the gifts of the Holy One given out of love for each and every individual. Sometimes, those Korachs want to steal them from the gifted. Only to end up in their own destruction. Thank you for such wonderful teaching. You have a special gift! Reply

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