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Is Life an Optical Illusion?

Parshat Korach

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Is Life an Optical Illusion?: Parshat Korach

Why were the sinful pans of rebellious mutineers transformed into a holy altar? Perhaps to teach us how to transform our perspective on how we view each other.

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Anonymous Flemington NJ USA June 22, 2017

Thank you Chana for sharing this Rebbe's insight on transformation of sinful pans into a holy altar!

With regard to "...And if this is how G-d views inanimate metal, imagine His love for human beings who are never irredeemable..." can you share Rebbe's (or any other Sage's) insight on how the rebellious mutineers were redeemed (given that they were swallowed by the earth?) If they, being swallowed by the earth is an "optical illusion" / "an old lady," please kindly enlighten us on the "beautiful young girl" hidden transformation / redemption of these rebellious mutineers.

Thanks Again. Reply

Anonymous June 22, 2017

Parshat Korach Parshat Korach

A Prescription for Disaster

In this week's Torah portion, the name Korach, when permutated Reish, Qof, Cheit (רקח) can be translated as "made up,” "fabricated,” and/or “to concoct,” especially within the context of drug preparation.

This would seem to make sense within the framework of the parsha, which begins with Korach "fabricating" or “concocting” charges against Moses and Aaron; a poisonous compound of lies and defamatory statements designed to cause B’nai Yisrael to stray from HaShem’s dictates.

Once again, the Torah makes manifest the role and importance of its every letter and every word in the revelation of the Divine Light and Knowledge. The Torah's words/letters, and even its spaces, are the true shluchim - envoys that bring joy and enlightenment to those who study/embrace them. Reply

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