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The Great Debate

Week In Rejew: Korach

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The Great Debate: Week In Rejew: Korach

Jono writes, directs, stage manages, and performs two roles in a one-act play depicting a debate between Moses and Korach, a man who challenged the Leadership of Moses and Aaron
Korah's Mutiny, Korach

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Rivky palo alto February 27, 2018

This is amazing. Reply

chana goldstein Monsey,NY April 19, 2016

Cute! well done!!!! Reply

sara Ny,Ny March 20, 2016

i love how he calls g-d its halirius Reply

Ron Chaim Redner Yavneel, Israel February 11, 2011

I LOVE It! Moshe Rabbeinu was the greatest teacher who taught by example.

Due to the overwhelming amount of faith he had in G-d and his deep sense of humility that he acquired as a direct result of his appreciation for truth, he was able to talk to Hashem openly.

When a person talks to G-d in their own words, they can relate all their pain and suffering to someone who really understands them and has the ability to help them.

We are very fortunate to know that G-d is always there to help us when we need Him. All we need to do is to begin developing a direct dialogue with G-d that He guide each and everyone of us according to our personal soul, from the place on high where it in fact eminates from.

You are doing a wonderful job! And your work is very valuable to the future of the Jewish people. Please don't stop!

And good luck in all your future endeavors to engage a generation that really needs to hear your valuable message! Reply

Carmen June 10, 2010

This is toooooo cute! Okay, we must pay attention because G-d only speaks to those following His determinations; those who don't ...gulp!... They are swallowed deep into... (the earth?)!

I must pay attention then: if my acts are followed by success and fulfillment, that mean I have followed His path; if they don't, but instead are followed by failure (G-d forbid), that mean I made a mistake and I must correct the way for the next step.

Hopefully, my latter steps were correct... (Amen,....) Reply

anonymous April 23, 2009

gr8 job! i ♥ iks its so cute! and the lessons are clear and practical, etc. this one is, like most of them, hilarious! keep up the gr8 work Reply

Anonymous June 4, 2007

hey "moses" you're lucky g-d wasn't on call waiting...say what time zone does he go by?
one more thing i must say...something was reeeeaally wronggg here... since when does the Rabbi not have anything to say??? that's like, if I wouldn't have anything to say!!...that's like if jono wouldn't have anything to say!!...thet's like if my bubby wouldn't have anything to say!.. that's like if rabbi kadoozy wouldn't have anything to say!...well he didn't but.... Reply

Anonymous teaneck, NJ July 2, 2006

Awesome When people talk to Hashem, they Daven (pray), they don't talk by cellphone! And anyways, You make the funniest showz! where in the world do you get these ideas? You rock just like moses does! Reply

Bassie and Dina Chicago, IL June 28, 2006

Bassie and Dina's Letter (Bassie tallking) We like the debate. I liked when Moshe Rabenu talked to HaShem on the phone. Korach was trying to take over but HaShem sent Moshe Rabenu. (now Dina) He didn't have a beard! Because he was Jono. Jono had a beard when he talked to HaShem. (Both girls answering "do we talk to HaShem?") Yeh, when we daven... not on the cell phone! Reply

Anonymous brooklyn ny, ny June 26, 2006

refua shilama!! Is Jono's friend really sick?? if so, tell him refua shilama, I hope he feels better soon and will be able to be in the next eppisode. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn ny, NY June 26, 2006

soooo funny All your stuff are soooo funny? But this one was the funniest, how did you come up with the idea? Reply

Chaya Brooklyn, NY June 26, 2006

How did you get it? Jono said he was playing the part of moses, but because he was just pretending he was not really as holy as Moses so........ how did simple Jono who is not so holy get G-d's phone number on speed dial????? and if Jono was playing both parts, when he walked behind the curtain and took his beard off shouldn't he still have G-d's phone number? cuz after all he is still the same Jono????? Reply

Jono June 26, 2006

Moral... I said very clearly, and I quote: "The moral of the story is that Moses Rocks and had G-d's phone number on speed dial. Booya!" End quote. Reply

Anonymous bklyn, ny June 25, 2006

didnt get the point hey! i didnt get the moral this time... but is anyway cool..... Reply

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