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Jono’s Psychedelic Elephant

Vayeishev Parshah Report

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Jono’s Psychedelic Elephant: Vayeishev Parshah Report

What can we learn from dreams, and why shouldn’t we eat month-old food we find behind the fridge? Find out in this Oscar-worthy, three-minute long, Jewish puppet show.
Vayeishev, Dreams, Fantasy & Imagination

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Jesse austrailia December 11, 2020

so hilaerius!! Reply

zara Panama December 10, 2020

lol so funny Reply

Agent Damian Stone Odd Squad August 12, 2019

Hilaerius, just, Jono takes the cake!!!!! So funny, and I luv it! Reply

Damian Stone May 3, 2018

I Love the idea Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 24, 2016

WASOME!!!!!! The dream about him on the elephant is funny! Reply

Hans Lameire September 13, 2016

Tuna sandwich I like it! This was usefull to me. Thank you. But is everything alright with Jono? Please tell me he is not dead? I also took a bite from that tunasandwich! Reply

Miguel Mafla Hesperia October 19, 2019
in response to Hans Lameire:

He's alright. Just take this 234-year old bottle of wine and you'll be fine!! ;) Reply

Chana Goldstein May 1, 2016

Nice show : ) It says that if you dream of an elephant, something amazing is going to happen to you. Anyways, cute show! Reply

Agent 55 Damian Odd Squade August 12, 2019
in response to Chana Goldstein:

Ya it WASOME Reply

Gavi Toronto February 22, 2021
in response to Agent 55 Damian:

This show was so AMAZING! and once i dreamt of elephants and the next day my mother said were going Florida that elephant dream thing really works Reply

Anonymous USA December 6, 2012

Tikun To"us The gemara Berachos 55b says a person never dreams of an elephant going into a needle. Reply

rikki roth Far Rockaway, New York August 27, 2012

haahahaha Nice! Such cute videos. Reply

mee chicago, illinois January 23, 2012

what to do try eating you're pet elephant jono !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ if you have one] Reply

Eliana Eliizabeth Ross Summerfield, Florida October 14, 2011

LOL! haha, you have got to be kidding me, this is SO FUNNY! But one of the best things is that it teaches you great guidelines that you can apply to the rest of your life.............I absoloutly love it! (especially the drawing of the elephant going through the eye of the needle, that was a hoot)
thanks So much! Reply

moshe salem, oregon November 27, 2010

cool wow itche kadooze is awesome Reply

Menachem Shaul October 9, 2009

what a wonderful way to teach young Jews Torah, too bad it is comming to an end!! Reply

Inessa Israel November 2, 2008

Wow! What a great lesson. thank you for reminding me that we can change our moods around quickly!
I love this video. Reply

hxfhdfg February 8, 2008

coolllll coolllllll Reply

Anonymous new orleans , louisiana November 30, 2007

tunafish behind the refrdgerator thats disgusting Reply