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Week in Rejew

Behaalotecha Parshah Report

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Week in Rejew: Behaalotecha Parshah Report

With the help of the all new Intellicompute parshah-cam, Jono gives us an edgy, fast paced review... er... rejew of this week's Torah portion

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shimon not saying December 17, 2020

this show is on fire!!! (just like the cop) Reply

Yossi Pinson June 14, 2020

It’s hilarious Reply

Reshiram Master Ball March 23, 2020


Anonymous June 7, 2017

why is this not on national TV yet. Everyone will love it! Reply

Mussia Bukiet (on shlichus) Salvador Brazil July 4, 2016

Wow I loved it! Reply

Chana G. Monsey, New York April 27, 2016

Nice show : ) Very cute. I love how you add a lot of funny things while still teaching something. Reply

Anonymous North miami beach,FL June 4, 2015

Haha Jew Jew york!jaha! Reply

Gelly New York May 31, 2015

It is really funny Reply

C.M. Belinsky Baltimore md May 20, 2013

week in rejew seriously a parsha summary! really helpful, and extremely hilarious!!!!!!!! good work toub and gourvitch and the rest of the crew! Reply

David flushing May 28, 2010

license!! ahaha!!! the cop caught fire~ Reply

miselanius June 4, 2007

great work jono! you definatly prevented the rabbi from saying any badwords by your preventing him from talking!
he will therefore be be well enough for next week's parsha report!
he will therfore also be well enough to give you another 52 and-half-zillion-point-02618-billion lectures before then about the privious parsha that he didn't get a chance to talk about... wich means, that in preventing him from talking longer on the parsha report., he accually is going to end up talking more??--i say contact larry goldstien.... Reply

Anonymous November 10, 2006

Roy Roy's my favorite character! Reply

Amy P. Lexington, SC July 22, 2006

IKS I am glad yall came out with "Week in Rejew". I think it is cool. But yall are missing something....MRS.KADDOZY. Please email me when yall get Mrs. Kadozzy into the cast. And also email me about updates nad when a new IKS come out. Yall got my email address. BUT IKS is cool!! I love IKS. Thanks. Reply

Rivka Koncepolski Sydney, N.S.W. Austrlia June 20, 2006

Very funny Very funny and good. I liked it. Its a very cute video and its very nice. Reply

Mushka Pittsburgh, PA June 13, 2006

itche kadoozy Itche Kadoozy is pretty hilarious sometimes! Reply

Eliot Manalapan, NJ via June 12, 2006

Kadude! Si? Awesome show!! Love the grafix. Reply

Harry Baltimore, MD June 12, 2006


This is Givoldik!!

Is there a way I can get this e-mailed to me every week?? Reply

Jew Jew York June 12, 2006

week in rejew Jono and Rabbi Kadoozy - you guys are jewin it right! This has been a remarkably rejewvinating episode. Reply

Anonymous Miami, FL June 12, 2006

WASOME!! This week's torah portion was just one of a kind! Thanx!!
p.s. What is Gefilte P. Fish's last name? And Roy's? Reply

Damian and Accio Stone The Checkpoint August 2, 2021
in response to Anonymous:

No one knows about roy, but the "P" in G-fish's name is "Percival". It is mentioned in "IKS:The Quest for Fish Reply

anono June 11, 2006

great work!!! this is one of the best - short, fun, and informative.
when is mrs. kadoozy coming out in the cast? Reply

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