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Jono for VP

Mikeitz Parshah Report

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Jono for VP: Mikeitz Parshah Report

Jono runs for Vice President of the United States. Hilarity Ensues.

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Dl August 1, 2021

Nice work😁 Reply

S B E Brooklyn July 5, 2021

when is the next part being made?! Reply

Miguel Mafla Bloomington December 19, 2020

Now I'm wishing that you guys had kept the uncensored version of this video up... Reply

sarah you do not need to no December 18, 2020

wowee! that was awsome! Reply

shimon not saying December 14, 2020

sooooooooooooooooo funny Reply

Jono for president The white house May 24, 2020

now I wanna vote Jono for prez. I'd totally go for it. Move over, Donald Trump! Jono's coming to the white house. Reply

sarah you do not need to no December 18, 2020
in response to Jono for president:

I totally agree! Reply

nora dallas March 26, 2019

i like this episode Reply

mary you do not need to no December 18, 2020
in response to nora:

uhhhhh excuse me? Where is the that was awsome? Reply

Dino Damian December 2, 2018

Hi! Reply

Daisy Ridley The set of Star Wars August 11, 2017

My gosh, how does this president thing work?! Long live the Queen! Reply

John Boyega The set of Star Wars August 23, 2017
in response to Daisy Ridley:

RIGHT?! Daisy and I are from England. Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 31, 2016

2016 Trump won sorry Jono!!!! It's too late to run for president!! The 2016 election is over! Reply

T Tallahassee FL February 8, 2018
in response to Captain America:

He said 2008 i think. Reply

mary you do not need to no December 18, 2020
in response to Captain America:

great name! Reply

Anonymous TX August 27, 2016

):) Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY April 19, 2016

Um...makes total sense for Jono to be the vice president. ...sure... Reply

meir kaminetzky taos nm (shliach) February 1, 2016

vote its too late jono its already 2016 and anyways i don't think youl run by obama for more then a minute thats guys crayzay Reply

Itche Kadoozy NYC November 30, 2013

Jono for president 2016 Uh jono you are late it is 2013. Run for 2016 and build a shrink ray for kong Reply

mendel Hein pittsford, ny February 20, 2021
in response to Itche Kadoozy :

sorry, 2020 elections are over. Reply

Gabby September 24, 2012

Prop 37 Proposition 37 is real, It's the prop to have mandatory labeling of Genetically Modified Food (GMOs) Scientist tested rats that ate GMO food and they have very stunted growth. I think we really should have mandatory labeled GMOs. Anyway, I LOVE ITCHEKADOOZY SHOW! This episode is hilarious! Reply

anonymous tallahassee, florida May 7, 2012

i would like to see the original episode it's probly wasome Reply

hein pittsford May 13, 2018
in response to anonymous:

it is Reply

ari oirechman tallahassee March 22, 2012

i am 11 and i like it i think there is no problem with this video i LOVE it and my 8 year old brother loves it to Reply

Elijah U.S.A September 2, 2007

Godzilla I Like Godzilla Reply

Tzippy Maryland October 23, 2017
in response to Elijah:

I don't. Reply

Miguel January 23, 2007

Why not put both the original AND the updated one on? Reply

ita buffalo, ny January 18, 2007

who caresss????? i dont know anyone who likes godzilla and i dont like it but cmon still who cares its just a show for g-d's sake if u really dont want ur kids to see it than dont let them watch it!!!!!!! goshhhh Reply

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