This is not a cartoon about marriage. Nor is it a cartoon about wasting time. It’s a cartoon about investing yourself completely in whatever it is you are doing. Otherwise, the time doesn’t add up.

One of the earlier ideas I had was about a grown adult celebrating his 3rd birthday, claiming that although he was born 20 some years ago, he wasted most of that time, and only about 3 years worth were really worth counting. But I realized that that is not the point I was trying to express. In fact, if the birthday guy really did put himself into his time wasting, then unfortunately for him, the moments do add up, and he’ll have to account for them. But at least he did something. And the good news is, that’s a part of his life he can look back on and grow from. It has somehow shaped him, and therefore it would count in his age. But the lady in this cartoon wasn’t doing anything. She wasn’t speaking with her husband, because she was watching stuff, but she wasn’t really watching stuff either. It’s like a whole half hour of her life is gone — worse than misused, because at least you can grow from that — just gone.

So to me, this quote from Zohar isn’t telling me that Abraham used his moments for good — I already know that. Come on, we’re talking about Abraham here. It’s telling me that he used his moments.