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Torah in Ten: Chayei Sarah

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Torah in Ten: Chayei Sarah

Topics include: The lesson of Sarah's dying of shock, why Abraham paid full price for the Cave of Machpelah, the deeper meaning of getting white hair.
Chayei Sarah

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Miriam North Carolina, USA November 8, 2023

Thank you, Rabbi Miller. You've enlightened my mind and heart with the question "What is my legacy"? Reply

Michael Atlanta October 23, 2013

Amazing Thank you, these lessons are very helpful and amazing. Reply

Aharon Yossef Brodski perpignan france October 21, 2013

Sarah died for the jewish people if you take the word ויעלהו and he brought it up (referring to the ram) it equals 127 the age of Sarah at her passing, Perhaps we can say that it is to mean that Sarah offered herself in the place of Yitzchak and so she passed away. At the moment when Avraham was offering the ram. Reply

james Biloxi, Ms. October 28, 2010

way cool Reply

William Smith camarillo, CA/USA October 27, 2010

Thanks Thank you for sharing your insights regarding Isaac and Rebekah. I appreciate Torah in 10, especially from a Jewish perspective. Keep up the good work and Shalom. Bill Smith Reply

john smith fort lauderdale, fl October 27, 2010

from the US i would be careful when speaking about the "whiteness" as the holiness and as of pureness as you will without a doubt be labeled a racist by the global media. i understand fully what you were saying but the politically correct may not even if what you were saying was truthful to you. sorry but this is the world we live in and however truthful you may feel about the subject and there may not be another way to tell your story and still get your message across but this is reality. i was not offended but others might be if this concerns you. sad but true Reply

Anonymous wisc October 27, 2010

Torah in 10 Your Torah in 10 is an excellent primer to the Parsha we read on Shabbat.

Thank you Rabbi Miller. And Good Shabbos, two and a half days hence. Reply

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