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Torah in Ten: Terumah

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Torah in Ten: Terumah

Topics include: The symbolism of gold, silver and copper in the Tabernacle; the debate between the philosophers and the kabbalists as to whether G‑d can create a square circle; and how the scarlet, turquoise and purple wool of the tapestries of the Tabernacle represent the harmonization of G‑dly attributes in creation.

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Jesse Japko Sturgeon,Missouri February 13, 2016

Bringing Judaism to spiritual deserts Baruch Hashem. Judaism is mobile and to this fact we can find strength in faith wherever we are Reply

Annie TORONTO February 8, 2016

I thought Shamayim is a combination of Shem Mayim - water there, midrashic source ;
not of aish & mayim - fire and water, or are there various sources for differing interpretations for shamayim? Reply

keith Norcal USA February 2, 2014

G-d's word is immutable G-d can make a square circle, but we may not recognize it as such. And if He did, He would not need to change the laws of physics He spoke, but merely exploit parts of His law we do not understand. Hashem controls all of reality. Reply

Heather McLoud Cheyenne, Wyoming June 25, 2012

Inspirational indeed I am studying up on Terumah because I am part of an interfaith discussion of Torah peopled mostly by Christians. The facilitator wanted to skip Terumah altogether and chose not to at my urging. Thank you for providing me with insight into this portion which I can share with my non-Jewish study partners. Reply

Anonymous Middleburg, Florida February 23, 2012

Yes God can make a square circle I smiled when I heard this because I know my G-d and all thing are possible with G-d. Thanks for the information. Reply

Anonymous newtown, PA USA February 22, 2012

TO: Professor Yes g-d CAN make a square circle - WITHOUT CHANGING THE LAWS OF NATURES! this is beyond our knowledge - but that is precisely the point. BECUASE G-D IS INFINITE. Like our sages say: G-d can put a elephant through the eye of a needle (without making the elephant smaller or vice versa). So, we can't understand HOW this is done, but we can accept that since G-d is infinite, he can change the laws of nature, right? But this is where we take it a step further: Can G-d put a elephant through the eye of a needle (without making the elephant smaller or vice versa), BUT WITHOUT CHANGING THE LAWS OF NATURE? Now THIS is mind boggling, and completely not understandable in our finite minds. Sure, since G-d is infinite, he can change the laws of nature. But can G-d go against the laws of nature without changing the laws of nature?! Well most people would say, of course not! That's impossible! But YES. G-d CAN do so. How?! But this is precisely the point. G-D IS INFINITE. Reply

Anonymous Amsterdam, NLD February 22, 2012

thanks Thanks for the interesting lecture Reply

Professor Brooklyn, NY via February 20, 2012

No G-d cannot make a square a circle because He created pi which is an irrational number. G-d controlled His creation by the laws of nature He installed. As it is stated in Psalms "Chok natan ve'lo yaavor" (a law was established and shall not be abrogated.) Reply

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