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Haggadah Insights

Part 1: The emphasis on asking questions

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Haggadah Insights - Part 1: Part 1: The emphasis on asking questions

Rabbi Chaim Miller shares beautiful insights into the haggadah that will capture the interest of everyone around your Seder table. In this segment he explores the significance of asking questions at the Seder.
Four Sons, Haggadah, Wicked Son, Four Questions

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Billy Boca Raton, Fl April 4, 2012

question When Moses was found in the river and went to the palace was he raised to be Egyptian? When did he discover he was Jewish?
Much Thanks,
Billy Reply

Anonymous wc March 26, 2010

possibly I have asked a few questions of rabbis. Their answers range from bluntness, to defensiveness to politeness to interest. Mainly and by far, the answers are defensive. I don't ask involved questions anymore amongst the local rabbis. It makes life a little easier rather than leading to a competition. Most rabbis do not understand that a question is not a competition seeking who is right and who is wrong, but rather a search for truth. It is equally true of the internet. And guess what ? I am not the only one who has learned not to ' rock the boat '. My question to you about your insight has to do with the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the Holocaust survivor. Whereas the Rebbe accepts her anger as positive, evry rabbi i have ever encountered sees anger as a distancing from G-d, incapacitating or debilitating.
With all due respect, ask your rabbinical cadres about anger, and you will hear back negativity. Even the Alter Rebbe would regard anger as a form of ' folly ', weakness. Reply

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