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Torah in Ten: Bo

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Torah in Ten: Bo

Topics include: Pharaoh as the embodiment of the “irrational attraction to physical pleasure,” the Ten Plagues as a manifestation of the power of the ten sefirot, why the Torah does not begin with the first mitzvah, and why “narrow­mindedness” is the root of all evil.

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Debra Groot January 22, 2021

Thankyou for your timely teachings. I may have missed it but did you mention why Hashem didn’t start with the Torah(mitvot), being the essence of direct connection? Reply

David Shirazi Los Angeles April 9, 2019

I have reviewed this video numerous times and keep wanting to listen to it again.
This presentaion is very thoughtful, profound and fascinating.
Thank you, Reply

anonymous January 19, 2021
in response to David Shirazi:

I definitely agree with you. Reply

Dalia Brooklyn January 30, 2017

Rabbi Miller! Can't believe I haven't seen these before today! Really fabulous - new information and deep, authentic insights all proficiently baked into a tasty and nourishing little inspirational muffin...! Truth is, it also set off a craving for more...Kudos, thanks & blessings galore to you and yours Reply

Rob Mykoff N. America April 13, 2015

holistic & expansive ... great point Thanx for a great "quality over quantity" short but expansive video-teaching, short like a burst of light & understanding.
I especially appreciate the linkage of an holistic paradigm with Jewish wisdom & Torah.

Even though we have a reputation of being deeply connected to thinking about teachings & understanding & education, the Jewish tradition/people don't seem to be looked upon by most others as "holistic" in our paradigm---yet you point it out well--that our teachings *are* all about a context of broadening & advancing our thinking in order to
solve / fix the world's problems.

Perhaps it's because the term 'holistic' is only now becoming popular, whereas it was radical to say "holistic approaches" to things just a few decades ago---and was usually seen as a science-systems approach & very far-Eastern as well..

Yet a wide-ranging-context, that all existence & systems are part of the unified way of the Ein Sof, of G-d, is a very old teaching-- thanx for illuminating this. Reply

Heather Szerman Charlottetone PEI Canada January 17, 2013

Thank you! I appreciate the insights you share very much. I liked today the thought to think widen our minds ..very important! Reply

Leah Lapidus cleve, oh January 26, 2012

Re: how the Torah begins ok so I found this very confusing. I looked up in the Gutnick Bereishis, the explanations, and re-read the translated linear Rashi from SS & R. The question was "Shouldn't the Torah have started with its primary message?" (mitzvos) I have read the roundabout answers regarding the nations potentially calling us "robbers" and how the beginning narratives give us our answer to them (it's G-d's world and He can give it, take it and give it as He sees fit). But I believe it is the idea stated in the Gutnick, specifically, that the nations are really complaining about how we are TRANSFORMING the land which points us right back to Parshas "Bo", back to this discussion of Pharaoh, and the transforming of evil into good. And perhaps we need the narratives to give us strength to do the mitzvos. Reply

Yaakov Mark Brooklyn, NY January 24, 2012

Widen your mind and narrow your path!! How is that for a slogan for the Chaim Miller Tshirt? Anyway, great video, love the ideas you presented and I really want to read Joseph Cairo's diary!!! Reply

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