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Torah in Ten: Vayigash

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Torah in Ten: Vayigash

Topics include: How Joseph’s reconciliation with his brothers teaches us how to reconcile with G‑d, what Jacob was looking for when he was reunited with Joseph, and a numerical hint to Jacob’s rectification of Adam’s reincarnated soul.

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Annette Toronto, ON via December 21, 2012

user friendly who would have thought! as I'm listening to this lecture and see all the books in the background surrounding this rabbi I was thinking: There is a reason Moshe rabeinu received the Torah in writing! Had Hashem wanted us to have it by computer, He would have allowed us to 'invent' the computer for HarSinai... brilliant! when the hydro goes out, we still have our precious books to grab & read... battery life is a non-issue
and then... the rabbi picks up his iPad, not a sefer, to read us a source!!!! (Jacob says to Pharaoh...)
It's all very good! Perceptions must be set aside. It's a great lesson, the book will be around much longer than a computer, the message is eternal. And the rabbi delivers it very well. Thank You. Good Shabbas. Reply

Tanya Brito December 30, 2011

Well For me this parsha is so emotional. Every year, every year I get this feeling of happiness when Joseph finally gets to tell his family He´s alive. I agree a lot with Rabbi Chain Miller. I tend to think a lot and the emotions are just always on a second place,and that is what I have learn this year from this portion. To give some priority to emotions as well. G-d is in every act, even the emotional one. Reply

Kochava Penina Boise, ID December 29, 2011

Thank you! Torah in Ten has become my favorite TV show! I am learning so much and appreciate your point of view in this series. I am getting a whole new perspective on the parshas, and how to begin incorporating the lessons into my life. A real inspiration! Reply

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