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Torah in Ten: Vayikra

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Torah in Ten: Vayikra

Topics include: The Zohar’s explanation of the small-sized letter aleph in the first word of this portion, the prohibition of sacrificial fats as a warning against “spiritual obesity,” and sacrifices as the ultimate act of supra-rational altruism.

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Anonymous Nyc March 28, 2020

What is modern day sacrifice ?
I’m not aware of sacrifices being done ? Reply

Rochel Chein for December 25, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

Animal sacrifices are not offered today. See Atonement in the Absence of Sacrifices Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma March 25, 2012

on the significance of the Aleph The majesty of the study of the Hebrew letters is deeply something that can be endlessly plumbed, in diverse ways. Aleph. ALL IF, about the potentialities within all the Hebrew letters, because all is actually one. The eph, being about what is ephemeral, and also the ineffable. We need to begin to really "hear" the letters, and we can use all language knowledge to do this. The aleph of course, is based on the ox, and when you examine the letter itself you can see the depictions of this letter. There is a new way of perceiving the letters, and a new and burgeoning consciousness of meaning, and the connectivity that is throughout creation that is based on the meditative study of the sacred alphabets around the world, particularly the Hebrew alphabet.

The keys are in the letters, and in the words, and in their deconstruction across Babel, and to be granted these keys, takes a profound journey of soul and to "get" the meaning behind all this, is perhaps not easy, because it's a gift. LOVE Reply

Raizel Bondi March 22, 2012

Inspiration for the week! And short enough for my attention span! Thank you Rabbi Miller! Reply

Anonymous Hong Kong via March 18, 2012

Affectionate message The ipad in this video against the backdrop of the library is visually meaningful for me. It really brings home the message that the Torah is relevant to our lives throughout all generations, that G-d speaks to us. Thank you for the great video. Keep up the good work. Reply

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