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A School of Gefilte Fish

Vayigash Parshah Report

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A School of Gefilte Fish: Vayigash Parshah Report

Gefilte Fish shows us a school of gefilte fish and comments on the importance of Jewish Schools.
Schooling, Vayigash

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Chaya C.A. December 19, 2017

Is jono President? Probably not,the way he looks. But they said that they would say! Reply

Mussia Bukiet Salvador January 15, 2017

You r right...... SORRY :( Reply

Captain America U.S.S Enterprise January 12, 2017

2016 Trump won sorry Jono!!!! HEY! Mussia! Jono is not the president! It's too obvious! Reply

Rey The Resistance January 7, 2017

Good! I like it! Reply

Anonymous September 13, 2016

Oké folks who is hungry? I want some Salmon. Reply

Anonymous Location February 8, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

I'm hungry, pass the gefilte fish. Reply

Mussia Bukiet (on shlichus) Salvador Brazil July 4, 2016

Is Jono President? You said you would say if Jono is president!
Is he? Reply

Tzvi July 12, 2021
in response to Mussia Bukiet (on shlichus):

Wow your a shliach😲 cooool🙂 Reply

zack golbeg jacksonville August 18, 2015

vice prez In last week's parshah report it said Jono wanted to become vice president... did he? Reply

Anonymous awesome August 1, 2015

tron And you will be awesome Reply

Anonymous October 19, 2012

Please make more! Reply

sara December 9, 2010

gefiltefish it was funny Reply

d d, d December 9, 2010

Yes They do. Reply

Rochelle Rosenberger brooklyn, NY May 27, 2010

LOL well funny Reply

Anonymous January 29, 2007

Respond to mushka friedman Nobody said the recipe was real. Reply

Jason Lowell, Indiana,USA December 29, 2006

I love the Itche Kadoozy show....I wish you offered it on DVD... Reply

mushka friedman Santa Cruz, California November 17, 2006

2 things 1) dear rabbi kadoozy,
in parsha report mikatz i was realy exited to find out if Jano is now presedent (in the case of this) any way, please send back as soon as posible
ps. i'll be waiting.

2) dear Jano,
i tryed your 'Jano's Lentleishus soop'
it was suprisingly realy owful.
i'm sending this letter beacuase you asled for it. Reply

b inside of a huge cup tower February 6, 2019
in response to mushka friedman:

impossible it is imposible to make it. ghandi never had a sword he was known for peace. Reply

Anonymous Budapest, Hungary January 5, 2006

I also think that you should put back the laugh tracks. Reply

Anonymous Jerusalem, Israel January 5, 2006

Great Show! I watch your show every week - it's amazing!
If I can give a suggestion, it would be to re-add the laugh track on your shows! Otherwise, great show! Reply

Anonymous baltimore January 4, 2006

hysterical! Reply

Grace Bergman New York, NY January 4, 2006

Kudos to for this week's Kadoozy show. It tells about the parsha, it's funny, and great for all ages. Keep up the good work! Reply

Anonymous san francisco, CA January 4, 2006

Gefilte fish I think that gefilte fish would make a great screen saver. Reply

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