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Reciting the Shema Prayer

Affirming the Oneness and Unity of G-d


Reciting the Shema Prayer: Affirming the Oneness and Unity of G-d

“Hear O’ Israel…G-d is One” is arguably the most essential statements of the Jewish faith. Discover layers of meaning to this central verse we recite daily.
613 Vayigash - Shema
The Shema
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Sefer HaMitzvot, Vayigash, Shema

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M. Diane Flushing, NY August 18, 2016

Rabbi Raskin!! Now I really get the reason why the Shema is so important! Now I get it! It clicked during your lecture. I have never heard the reasons why we say the Shema and what it really signifies (apart from our belief in One G-d) explained exactly like this before. It became clear to me when you talked about being not only a witness to the Oneness of our G-d and saying it; but also we must have the knowledge sufficient to put our specialness into action and push/claw/punch our way out of exile to continue to survive and thrive and grow! A very uplifting talk. I truly needed it right at this very moment. I feel this understanding will help me raise my energy level to DO more. Thank G-d for you, Rabbi Raskin. And may our L-rd continue to bless you. May you always give these spiritually powerful, uplifting and educational lectures. Reply

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