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Prophecy and Prophets

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Prophecy and Prophets

What is the purpose and function of prophecy, and could there be prophets today? Understanding the mitzvah to listen to Torah true prophets and the significance of prophesy.
613 Prophecy and Prophets  
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Sefer HaMitzvot, Re'eh, Shoftim, Prophecy

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Angela October 14, 2017

Thank you, i found your information very enlightening***taking advantage of your handouts as well. Reply

Jorge Qro. Mexico September 9, 2016

I found this lecture very instructive, very homiletic.
Thank you Rabbi Raskin. Reply

Anonymous Rochester, IL September 9, 2016

transcript Any way to get a copy of this transcript? I process better when reading. Reply

Anonymous July 10, 2015

hereditary prophesy Rabbi Raskin,

I found what you said to be very interesting relating to prophet. I was wondering if there was an answer to the question mentioned at the beginning, "is prophesy hereditary?'

Thank you Reply

Semyon (Yisroel) Vilchik Philadelphia, Pa., USA August 19, 2014

Rabbi Raskin,

A very inspiring Video Lecture - this is Yisroel from "Soul Encounters." We met in the lobby,....:-).

I just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration you've given me during the course if the year through your Video Lectures. As a new Baal Teshuvah, and an aspiring Chassid, I'm always looking for that extra bit if emunah, to help me progress through my study and practice of Judaism. And your Video Lectures, with their incorporation of chassidus, kabbalah, and gematria help me do just that.

Thank you so so so much!!! And may G-d give you the strength and inspiration to keep up your work :-). Reply

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