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Settling into a New Year

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Shoftim

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Settling into a New Year: Letters and Numbers of Torah - Shoftim

The verse (Deut 17:14) "When you settle in the land... and you say, 'Let us appoint a king...'" is the basis for the mitzvah for the Jewish people to appoint a monarch. Why is the Hebrew word for "when you settle" (v'yashavta) written with an extra letter "hei" at the end?
Shoftim - Settling into a New Year  
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Parshah, Monarch; Monarchy, Elul, Shoftim

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Marlene Bklyn, NY October 30, 2011

Settling into the New Year As usual, Rabbi Raskin is able to elucidate the parsha and the principles of Chassidus in a learned and interesting way but the most amazing quality of this rabbi is that he makes you want to run out and start doing everything you can to be a better Jew and a better person.

One of the points Rabbi Raskin makes in his talk about cleaving to God which I listened to earlier is that we should try to stay close to holy people who inspire us--stay close to tzaddikim. I believe Rabbi Raskin is one of these holy men and we are fortunate to be able to sit at his feet and learn from him. Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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