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The Levites Land in the Messianic Era

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The Levites Land in the Messianic Era

The Torah mandates that the Levites not inherit a portion in the Land of Israel like the rest of the tribes, for they are to be set apart for the service of G-d and guiding the people spiritually. Will there be a change in the division of land in the times of Moshiach?
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Sefer HaMitzvot, Pinchas, Shoftim, Levites, Division of Israel

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M. Diane flushing March 29, 2016

Levites and human after-death gifts. Thank you Rabbi Raskin. I enjoyed this lecture. It clarifies and resolves a question I had concerning your understanding about what the relative position of Levites to Jews of other tribes (as well as Levites who will be, for one or more reasons, disqualified from serving in their special capacity when the Moshiach comes. I would like very much to hear your teaching about the prohibition against Levites inheriting property (real estate and other types of property) from anyone except a father. If you have time to lecture on this topic, it would be of great interest to this student. Why would it not be proper (or would it be?) for a surviving Levite to take the father's remainder property that entirely passed through the mother after the mother's death? (Especially If the mother were a housewife or had a set income making it possible to distinguish and separate out the remainder of the property the father had left). A Levite would probably be poor,no? Thank you. Let us bless G-d. Reply

André Ranulfo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil August 18, 2015

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

I,m a great fan of the Rabbi! And when I'm thirsty of Torah, that's the first comes up in mind mind to click and watch.

Kol Hakavod! Reply

teriyah mat`am West Palm Beach, FL June 1, 2015

Thank you Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin... for your patient and kind teaching concerning the Levi. It gives me peace concerning my days now and those to come. May you have many more days to your life to teach.
shalom Reply

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