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The Role of the Jewish Leader

Cleaving to a Tzaddik

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The Role of the Jewish Leader: Cleaving to a Tzaddik

Understanding the mitzvah to cleave to G-d via connecting to a Tzaddik, and the unique role of a Rebbe in each generation.
613 Vaeira Cleaving to a Tzaddik  
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Sefer HaMitzvot, Rebbe, Role of; Rebbe-Chassid Relationship, Tzaddik

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1 Comment
M. Diane Flushing April 4, 2016

It is wonderful to start the day with your motivational words. G-d's blessings should continue to gently shower down upon you and upon those who surround you.

Your instruction motivates and centers. It always answers a recent question I have been pondering.

It is wonderful how you found the Rebbe's initials in the last book of the Prophets and connected to his birthdate!

P.s. No response is required. I understand you must be extremely busy. This is just a bit of feedback to let you know you are hitting the mark perfectly! Reply