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Blackout in Egypt

Bo Parshah Report

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Blackout in Egypt: Bo Parshah Report

There’s nothing funny about somebody stepping on a rake. So try not to laugh during this week’s exciting webisode.
Darkness, Plague of, Bo

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Damian Stone March 31, 2018

Love it! G-Fish is so funny with the news flash.
You just HAVE to watch it! Have fun! Reply

Rey The Resistance February 4, 2017

G-FISH! That news flash was funny! Reply

C.P.G New York May 13, 2016

most of it was very glitchy. Reply

Anonymous January 28, 2012

lest we forget A multitude of Jews also died in the Plague of Darkness. they did not want to leave and moreover, tried to incite others to stay.

Just sayin' Reply

Anonymous capesterre, france January 8, 2011

lol yes this is very funny black humor Reply

Margaret Sill Whitney, TX July 29, 2010

Ten plagues Our Vacation Bible School's theme this year is Moses. I have been putting together a slide show for the ten plagues, and in my research, I came across your videos. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them. I like the way you put humor into some scary subjects for children. Thank you for the ideas you have shared. Reply

Josiah medford, oregon May 1, 2010

lol this is funny and dark Reply

Mr. Elephant chgo, IL January 27, 2009

Almost elephant kill It was hard for me to watch the Egyptians NOT get run over by elephants. I know, I know. The lesson is "be nice or be elephant kill." And if you're a Jew, use your light to help others. Reply

samo June 15, 2008

hahahahaha so...lol Reply

Anonymous Bloomfield, NJ via chabadnyc.info January 18, 2008

The this is such a great way for me to study and learn, I am somewhat special in how I receive instructions and this helps me a great deal on "perceptual" "visual" and "comprehension". Thank you so much Reply

Anonymous via arjewishcenter.com September 26, 2007

so funny ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Reply

Anonymous ny, ny November 29, 2006

blackout in egypt VERY FUNNY, Reply

Anonymous via jewishmemphis.com November 23, 2006

real funny! Reply

Elisheva Enfield, CT November 11, 2006

i love the parts were Jono laughs at the people who are stepping on rakes or running into the pyramids. The whole show is absolutley funny. Reply

Marc Blum SCC, FL via chabadoftampabay.com February 9, 2006

Everybody is a maven ! You want Pixar ? Maybe hi-def ? When I was young I was happy if the rabbi didn't kick over my desk for making a mistake on the haftorah.
My congradulations on a wonderful attempt to mainstream the message. Reply

Shmueli Bell Leeds, England February 3, 2006

That was absolutly amazing Reply

DL Brooklyn, NY February 2, 2006

Talent Appreciates Talent For those of you who felt that this show wasn't funny enough, was politically incorrect, and wasn't factual enough -- well let me just say, that talent appreciates talent. Hard work, time and extreme effort is put into creating a show, that is educational, and at the same time is funny.

This guy is doing a most spectacular job to the extent that ALL YOU ADULTS OUT THERE ARE ENJOYING IT MORE THAN THE KIDS (and you still have the audacity to write negatively about it?????)

Dude, its brilliant, creative, amazing and more. I suggest putting out a DVD - selling it, and making some money off your hard work!!!!

Long live Reb Itche and his G. Fish Reply

Zalman February 1, 2006

I actually thought this week's webisode was one of the funniest of all time, contrary to the rest of you guys. Oh well.

Moishele: I wouldn't assume off the bat that IK is being liberalistic or PC. Actually, I would be very surprised if what you described as such doesn't come directly from a letter or sicha of the Rebbe. Although if we could hear that from Dovid, it would be great.

Dovid: Keep up the great work! Reply

Anonymous January 31, 2006

great job, very well written and done,,,,, the script is great, humor, subtle humor, as well as wit and ecxcitement! Reply

Moishele Fort Dix, NJ January 30, 2006

Not bad... Reb Dovid,

Not too bad at all this week, there were some cute moments. The elephant collision for instance was classic Jono...or Jono's Egyptian counterpart.

G-fish's "too-too-too" was humorous as well.

Are you implying that the light that was enjoyed by the Jews during the plague of Darkness should have been used to help the Egyptians find their way about??? How liberal and PC of the IK Show...anyway. Good luck splitting the Red Sea, can't wait to see how you pull that one off. Reply

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