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Afflictions of Yesteryear

Tazria-Metzora Parshah Report

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Afflictions of Yesteryear: Tazria-Metzora Parshah Report

Ever heard the old saying, “Never let a monkey feed you grapes”? Well, neither did Jono. Join Jono and Gefilte Fish as they explore the fascinating topic of old-world diseases, and learn about being careful with what you say about other people along the way.
Tazria-Metzora, Metzora, Tazria

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Em non ya May 12, 2022

G fish has a purse!!?? 😳 Reply

Schneur Zalman Simi Valley CA March 11, 2018

There is no Parsha report for Vayikra Reply

Menachem Mendel Hein Pittsford February 24, 2019
in response to Schneur Zalman:

because they took a break for pesach Reply

Kylo Ren The First Order April 29, 2017

G-fish G-fish has a serious anger problem. Reply

Captain Rex The republic June 25, 2021
in response to Kylo Ren:

Oh yeah Reply

Stormtrooper The empire August 2, 2021
in response to Captain Rex :

Totally Reply

Ron Chaim Redner Yavneel , Israel February 11, 2011

Simply Brilliant! The Itchy Kadoozy segment is amazing!

You are masterfully teaching the relevance of the mitzvot in bite size pieces that allow even children to appreciate the value of concepts that are in truth - somewhat abstract.

I sincerely commend you on your efforts and wish you the greatest success in spreading Yiddishkeit to a generation that really needs what you have to offer!

I only hope that people will share these links with friends and family who are distant from Judaism and as a result of your segment will gain a new or renewed appreciation for our beautiful and precious Torah, and learn to Love G-d!

Great work and keep it up! Reply

Aaron April 29, 2007

Amidah I had trouble connecting this with the Amidah, but I know that the Amidah is the prayer that is said in the morning, afternoon, and evening by Observant Jews, and is said while standing. Like I said, i had trouble but it may connect because they talk about many diseases and I think that the Amidah talks about healing diseases. ; ) Reply

Sista Warrior LONDON March 20, 2007

If it itches.. scratch it.. so long no ones lookin Been enjoying your itchy kadoozy show.. Really love those costumes.. Keep up that great work.

Ever thought of bringing in an Itchy Mama into the show?
Only wondered. coz there are issues that Itchy Kadoozy may not be aware of that affect us ladies.. Reply

Anonymous via July 10, 2006

the answer to why they don't get sick in london because there they get attackt by suiside attackers Reply

Jono via April 28, 2006

Gutter Puddle Bulgaria. A gutter puddle in Bulgaria.

But I did try a mud puddle in Paris AND a gutter puddle in Italy as well. My favourite, hands down, was the mud puddle in Paris. I spread some of that puddle on a fresh baked loaf of bread and it was simply magical. And it made me throw up. Several times. Reply

Anonymous April 27, 2006

It could have been in better taste, a trace of uncouthness I dare say... Reply

dina April 27, 2006

correction sorry. When I watched again, I got it right. Not a mud puddle in Paris, a gutter puddle in italy. Even better! Reply

Dina chicago, IL April 27, 2006

you got it! What an amazing video with an even more amazing visually provocative sound bite! The vivid image of loshon hora being as sickeningly harmful as drinking from a mud puddle in Paris is a gem! I laughed appreciatively the first time I heard it. Then when I watched it again later with our kids, I laughed again but was struck by its powerful chinuch for us all. Loshon hora: filth...disgust...disease... You got it! Welcome back. Reply

Anonymous CA April 27, 2006

Very good.The idea was very original and cute. Keep it up. How come they didn''t get any diseases in London, huh? huh?

Anonymous chicago, il United States April 26, 2006

appreciation I just got back to school this week. Thank you for coming back with such a super video. It's funny that Jono and Gefilte Fish went to Eorope and had so much trouble. It was a funny way to teach about tzaras. Jono and Gefilte Fish didn't know the parsha but Itche Kadoozy taught them about it, and how even today people should not speak loshon hora. The puppets' movements and voices were especially good. Did you get any new equipment?
I know that younger kids like my little brothers won't understand all of the words but I think they can still like the puppets and learn to talk nicely. I really appreciate that your parsha report had a lot of Torah in it. Your video is a big kiddush HaShem. Reply

Shai Rosenberg Brooklyn, NY April 26, 2006

the people in the video I love itchekadoozy.
Um, you forgot to do the people in the video that had tzaraas. Now, that''s it.
Dictated by Shai Rosenberg, 3 years old Reply

Moishele Fort Dix, NJ April 26, 2006

Welcome back! Nice to have you back guys. Although at certain points it felt that the break had taken its toll. Very clever method of presenting a potentially vague and boring concept. Keep it up! Reply

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