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Jewish Settlements

How to Study Torah - Vayigash

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Jewish Settlements: How to Study Torah - Vayigash

Pharaoh designates the district of Goshen for the family of Joseph. There the Jewish people build settlements which ultimately enrage the locals who then use this as a pretext to prosecute the Jewish people.
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Anonymous Jerusalem/New Jersey December 25, 2014

Temple Mount Rabbi Kaplan: Why do you say in Israel Jews are deprived of praying on the Temple Mount? This misleads Jews into thinking they should be permitted to walk where they are halachically forbidden to be because of tumat met. This misunderstanding is causing harm to Jews in hand to hand combat with the Palestinians who are actually preventing them the punishment of karet. Reply

Stefon Beck September 7, 2013

Same Gender Marriage Hello Rabbi Kaplan:
At the point 15:30 in the message you commented on Joseph setting in place a law that freed the priests who were married to the same gender? Did I hear wrong? Could you please explain that point you were making? I desire some clarity. Thank you in advance.

Stefon Reply

Anonymous December 18, 2012

BH Dear Rabbi Kaplan, Thank you for such a powerful shiur! Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill, Ontario January 19, 2012

Ad Massai! The question is good. Any answer will only be my (limited, and likely inadequate) explanation… However, the fact remains that from these very words are a direct quote from the Rebbe himself on Nissan 28, 5751. You don't have to take my word for it, as a video is availiable. Reply

A bachur Brooklyn , New York January 12, 2012

The Rebbe never said "Od Mossai!", sincerly? If Moshiach would have come if only someone would say Od Mossai! ONCE, with Emmes...With the proper and true intent and say it sincerely. That strongly implies no one ever did and if no one ever did that would have to include the Rebbe himself.

I have a hard time believing the Rabbi here is saying or suggesting the Rebbe never said it in such a sincere way so then I must be misunderstanding what he is saying when he says that all takes is for one person to say it sincerely "one time"? Reply

binh tran fremont, ca January 10, 2012

Two more souls are watching this class. Thank You Rabbi Kaplan for tonight teachings. I'm sorry to learned there is a snow storm in your area the night when this class was taught. It's great that you pointed out what transpired in the past so we can prepare for the present and the coming soon the light of Moshiach . Thank You Rabbi Kaplan. Reply

john smith fort lauderdale, fl December 28, 2011

someone had to someone had to say it and i thank you for doing so. it has become so obvious how history repeats itself....its so stupid.

and yes....i am also guilty of it and refuse to live it anymore. enough is enough!

the Pharoah (US) still lives but no more shall i follow

Semper Fidelis Reply

Marianne Geljon van Lochem amersfoort, the Lowlands December 28, 2011

thank you... it tasted like 'slow food';
soul combined with spirit, loving hands and heart combined with the "yeast/spirituality" of Jacob's leading head .... Reply

Yitschak. Moriah Leeds, Britian December 28, 2011

settlements Rabbi Kaplan:
A fantastic insight into the history of our ancestors and how they forgot our rightful inheritance. Well done! Reply

Uri Yitzchak Orlando, Fl December 27, 2011

...outstanding class !! ; like all previous ones. Cannot believe some people want shorter lectures. I cannot get enough of them. Already waiting for next week. Rabbi Kaplan, keep up the amazing work ! Thank you. Reply

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