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I Will Be What I Will Be

How to Study Torah - Shemot

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I Will Be What I Will Be: How to Study Torah - Shemot

When G-d charges Moses with the task of leading the Jews out of Egypt, Moses asks G-d what His name is and G-d responds, "I will be what I will be." How does this cryptic answer help us understand the problem of evil and suffering?
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Lena Mississippi December 26, 2013

Yehudim or B'nai Yisra'El? I am new to Judaism and I I've got a question to Rabbi Kaplan: Why do you keep calling B'nai Yisra'El in Mitzraim "Yehudim"?
Thank you,

Adam E Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA January 11, 2012

same here! Baruch Hashem, even in Iowa we can learn Torah with wonderful teachers and connect with communities of Torah observing Jews. Our new Web TV makes it even simpler.

thank you, Rabbi Kaplan, and yasher koach! Reply

jason goldsetin manchester, nh January 10, 2012 & reason I got wi-fi :)

Yasher koach, Rabbi Kaplan! Reply

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