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Inauguration of the Sanctuary

How to Study Torah - Tzav

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Inauguration of the Sanctuary: How to Study Torah - Tzav

After seven days and nights of Aaron and his sons staying in the newly constructed Sanctuary in the desert, what transpired in the final, climactic moments of the Sanctuary's inauguration?
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Mishkan, Tabernacle Dedication, Tzav

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Anonymous lubbock, tx/usa April 1, 2012

buried As a believing non-Jew studiying Torah and trying to follow all its commands, I have a question after listening to your comments in the study of this Parasha. My brother passed away 5 years ago and we had his body prepared and buried in the usual non-Jewish way. Now my heart is distressed to think that we are causing his soul more suffering as his body is not deteriorating naturally. Should we have his body exhumed and reburied in a wooden box? I appreciate your time and advice. Thank you and shalom to you. Reply

Anonymous April 1, 2012

Surnames associated with Kohanim When discussing the surnames of Kohanim, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan indicates that not all persons named Cohen/Kohen/Kohn, etc. are descendants of Aharon HaKohen – this, of course, is widely known. If it may be respectfully mentioned, though, there is one surname which wasn’t mentioned, but one that is practically always synonymous with Kohanim, and that is “Katz,” which in its Hebrew version is spelled with the letter “Kuf” and the letter “tzadik” with a double apostrophe between the letters comprising the words “Kohein Tzedek.” Reply

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