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Do It Yourself Ark-Building

How to Study Torah - Noach

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Do It Yourself Ark-Building: How to Study Torah - Noach

Why G-d wanted Noah to make a public spectacle by building an ark all by himself. Understanding the verse "Make for yourself an ark..." (Genesis 6:14) and how Noah, as righteous as he was, failed as a spiritual leader.
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Clint Birch November 27, 2017

Thank you Reply


Torah Noach thank you so much Rabbi Kaplan for explaining very well. thank you so much. such a beautiful way you did it. G-D BLESS YOU Reply

Mr. John Hiers November 4, 2011

Torah Noach Thank you very much, great class as always Reply

Basha Cohen Avenel, NJ October 26, 2011

Torah - Noach B’H
I want to thank you Rabbi Kaplan.
As a teacher explaining the Torah and breaking down the details. I have learned in depth and see that there is more to the stories than what is written.
Your explanations are so clear, and easy to comprehend. I have studied and listen to other Rabbi's teach, but you are the first that I can clearly understand Rashi's teachings, and understand the Torah.
You are correct one has to have the passion to motivate and influence others, We are here to fulfill G-d's mission and be examples, and you are exactly that person.
Thank you for taking your time to educate us around the world. Reply

EllenGore River Falls , Alabama U.S.A. October 26, 2011

Rabbi Thank you ,for this video on Noach !
I really enjoy the way you make it so we can understand the message and it meaning ! Reply

Ms. Deborah Van Beek October 25, 2011

Torah Noach Fascinating! Much to reflect upon.

Thank you! Rabbi Kaplan Reply

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