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How to Call G-d

How to Study Torah - Vayikra

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Rita Forbes Clinton July 16, 2022

Rabbi Kaplan

Great lecture that's full of pearls of wisdom on proper communication encased in love.

Thank you, Reply

Sylvia van Schalkwyk South Africa March 20, 2016

Thank you for teaching Thank you Rabbi, I have learnt so much from your teaching and look forward to continue with you. You make learning Torah so easy and enjoyable. Shalom. Sylvia, South Africa Reply

V M July 9, 2013

Shalom Thank you very much Rabbi Kaplan, I love you very much and I love your lectures. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA March 22, 2012

How To Call G-d Dear Rabbi Kaplan,
It would be so wonderful if you would mention the number of the verse when reading in Hebrew. I am trying to learn Hebrew and the way I can follow is when you mention the verse number. I hear the Hebrew word in Hebrew as you read it that way I get use to the phonetics. This is such a wonderful teaching! When you read the name Vayikra, I could see at the beginning of the chapter the small Aleph. Reply

Mr. Frank morris March 21, 2012

GREAT JOB Rabbi, you have made a big help in my life back to my home, where I need to be, studying Torah and walking in Hashem’s way. Reply

Allan Labarador Mas Quezon City, Philippines March 21, 2012

How to call G-d webcast This is very helpful. This will realy help us avoid blasphemy.

More power, Chabad! Reply

Uri Yitzhak Orlando, FL March 20, 2012

Outstanding! Rabbi Kaplan; your love and passion for Torah is really contagious. Thank you again so much ,for sharing Hashem's Wisdom in such an awesome and beautiful way. It is really a blessing and privilege to listen and learn from you every week Reply

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